With the help of Balderton Capital, collaborative HealthTech startup 32Co has secured €2.5 million in Seed capital to advance its ground-breaking strategy for affordable specialized healthcare. The health technology platform Dr. Sonia Szamocki created in 2021 is rapidly spreading out of its London headquarters. The money will be used to advance 32Co’s entire clinical collaboration platform with artificial intelligence and get ready to expand on new clinical use cases with help from Wavemaker 360 Health and strategic angel investors.

Patients frequently struggle to find healthcare professionals with the specialized knowledge they need in today’s more specialized healthcare environment. When London-based 32Co began linking general doctors with a network of experts, it had this issue in mind.

Dr. Sonia Szamocki, founder and CEO of 32Co said:

“32Co is an all-in-one collaborative healthtech platform changing the way healthcare is delivered to patients by scaling specialist expertise beyond specialist’s clinic,”. Traditional healthcare models are unable to meet the need for increasingly specialized care, and yet highly qualified general doctors are not given the resources they need to perform to the best of their abilities. By utilizing technology to connect clinicians with various but complementary skill sets, more patients may obtain the care they require, while clinicians experience less isolation and greater job satisfaction. This concept has applicability in several healthcare specialties with markets worth more than $500 billion. We are happy to have Balderton’s help and knowledge since their expertise will be crucial as we scale 32Co.”

The successful seed fundraising round, which was headed by Balderton and included strategic angel investors like Nicolas Cary, co-founder of, will help 32Co realize its goal of being the top health tech platform for facilitating widespread access to specialized therapies.

Balderton Principal Magda Lukaszewicz said:

“We are happy to have worked with 32co at the beginning of their journey. Many healthtech companies target patients directly, but much fewer have been able to get technology platforms into the hands of healthcare professionals. In a stressed-out healthcare system, a collaboration between general practitioners and specialists is opening up a brand-new supply and demand.”

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With 32Co, patients may get access to a variety of specialized healthcare treatments and guidance from a dependable local practitioner without having to drive far, wait in line, or pay a lot of money. 32Co’s technology, which was inspired by the virtual healthcare industry, brings the specialist to the patient. They give patients the best of both worlds by fostering collaboration between generalists and specialized clinicians—high-quality clinical treatment given conveniently by their local provider.

With the help of a network of generalist coworkers who already have patient contacts, this innovative concept spreads specialized knowledge beyond the boundaries of a single clinic. This increases patient access to specialized care while simultaneously generating new revenue streams for both generalist and specialist providers.

The clear aligner industry is being transformed by 32Co, starting with orthodontics. Approximately 60% of patients suffer from malocclusion (misaligned teeth), so there is a substantial unmet patient demand in this area due to limited availability. Only approximately a third of dentists consistently offer clear aligner procedures, and only a small portion can handle more complex situations. To address this issue, 32Co has put together a group of highly skilled professional orthodontists based in the UK who work directly with dentists all around the world via the platform. They develop the first real-time, treatment-focused commercial collaboration for clear aligner providers, ensuring safe and dependable outcomes.

Image Credit: 32Co


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