Bookme, Pakistan’s top e-ticketing platform, has raised around $7.5 million in a Series A fundraising round.

Bookme is Pakistan’s first cashless travel and ticketing platform, with over 4.6 million registered users in the transportation and entertainment industries. Customers can book intercity buses, airlines, hotels, and events online using, assuring a clear, easy, and effective e-ticketing system in Pakistan.

Bookme is prepared to enter the Myanmar market with fresh funds. “In other markets, we’d like to build a comparable ticketing ecosystem as we have in Pakistan.” “Right now, the conditions in Myanmar are favorable for such investment,” says Faizan, CEO.

According to Faizan, Bookme’s footprint in Pakistan has remained behind the curve in smaller cities where intercity road travel is done in smaller vehicles like vans, but with paper-based tickets. The company wants to digitize ticketing for trips on these types of vehicles.

“In Pakistan, we digitized the paper-based transportation and travel sector to establish a plug-and-play distribution system that integrates intercity bus reservation systems, local and international airlines, hotels, and events.” Making the complete experience cashless through APIs to enable Super App payment applications, in our opinion, was an important component of completing the digital experience,” Faizan added.

Bookme plans to expand its cargo services in addition to its bus transportation offerings. Customers will be able to ship freight packages via Bookme’s buses, according to the company’s plans.

“The vertical has been in the works for quite some time, but we lacked the funds to invest in the necessary infrastructure and marketing.” “However, we have had the cargo vertical in the pipeline for some time now, and with the new money, we will be moving rapidly toward cargo delivery service,” Faizan explains.

Bookme also wants to provide micro-lending through a telecoms firm, claiming to be Pakistan’s first cashless ticketing platform with the biggest number of daily digital transactions for banks and payment gateways.

Image Credit: Bookme


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