Everphone, a top Device-as-a-Service platform, and Spearheading Sustainable Technology Vision for corporate devices has raised €270M in a Series D financing round.

About Investors

Citigroup, Phoenix Insurance, and KfW led the round to further encourage sustainable device usage among business customers. Participating were Capnor and their partner Calista, in addition to previous investors Jan Dzulko, the founder, and Cadence Growth Capital.

Everphone’s expansion aspirations are solidly supported by dependable and strong partners such as Alleycorp, Cadence Expansion Capital, and Signal Ventures. This enhances Everphone’s standing as the most sustainable Device-as-a-Service platform and a worldwide leader.

Strategic Investment Initiatives

Everphone doubled its EBITDA to €30M in 2023 and successfully grew its revenue to over €75M. With the help of this calculated cash infusion, Everphone will be able to reach profitability, plan for global expansion, and keep up revenue growth.

Everphone, a company founded in 2016, is investing a significant portion of its funds to make end devices and their functionality simpler for large clients. This entails adding up to one million more end devices to the Everphone platform, both domestically in the USA and abroad in Europe.

Everphone’s founder and CEO, Jan Dzulko, stated:

“We are happy that we have maintained growth despite the global economic issues, indicating that we have developed a robust business strategy. We prioritize proactive growth, and our success resonates with the satisfaction of both our customers and employees. Our next objective is to generate €100M in revenue. Furthermore, the inflow of well-known investors gets us ready for the next phase of globalization in the USA and Europe. As a founder, I have personally invested in this round of financing because I have such faith in our team, our services, and most importantly, our future growth.”

“We are pleased to offer Everphone a tailored financing option that enables the company to actualize more of its growth potential. According to Raphael Doerling, Head of Citi Commercial Bank in Germany, “Citi’s global reach and its broad experience with fast-scaling digital companies form an excellent basis to tackle Everphone’s growth challenges, especially internationally.”

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“We are happy to assist Everphone in growing further with its creative business concept. According to Jochen Eichmann, Head of Venture Tech Growth money at KfW, “the financing provided by our Venture Tech Growth Financing program helps the company achieve additional milestones.”

Everphone is also concentrating on expanding its commercial user base and improving its API capabilities for the provision of ESG and business intelligence data. The Everphone API actively controls over 50% of all end devices. Regarding sustainability, the platform makes it simple for big businesses to comply with important ESG reporting guidelines for environmentally friendly IT initiatives. Furthermore, Everphone’s cybersecurity solution guarantees the highest level of data security on devices, resolving a major issue for IT managers.

Louis De Clercq of Capnor said, “We are extremely supportive of Everphone and its strong management team who demonstrated flawless execution in a complex market environment and benefits from untapped growth potential to further deploy its innovative solutions.”

“As the largest investor in Everphone, we are proud to have attracted more internationally leading financing partners for Everphone and see this as an important milestone in the further profitable scaling of the company,” stated Sebastian Eiseler, a partner at Cadence Growth Capital.

Image Credit: Everphone


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