Utrecht-based Go Sharing, a sustainable shared mobility startup, has recently announced its collaboration with Istanbul-based micro- and shared-mobility provider, BinBin.

This partnership aims to expand BinBin’s operations into Western Europe and to become the largest supplier of multimodal shared mobility in Europe.

Founded in 2019, BinBin is a micro-mobility technology company that provides affordable and sustainable transit options. It runs over 25,000 shared scooters for more than 3 million users in several Eastern European nations.

The company focuses on developing alternative transit methods that are both useful and sustainable, using vehicles made with domestic software and engineering under its brand.

The partnership between Go Sharing and BinBin will allow both companies to continue operating independently while leveraging each other’s knowledge and business prospects. Kadir Abdik, CEO of BinBin, expressed his dedication to finding rational solutions to the transportation problems of growing cities, stating, “With our expertise and that of GO Sharing, we want to make shared mobility the standard across Europe.”

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Despite GO Sharing’s shared cars being taken off the road due to the bankruptcy of the lease company, the company will continue to operate in the Netherlands, Italy, and Turkey with its selection of electric mopeds and e-bikes.

Founded in 2019, Go Sharing a mobility startup aims to make transportation accessible and sustainable while reducing its visual impact on the urban scenery.

The company has secured €60M in total funding from investors such as Opportunity Partners and Rabo Investments and claims to have conquered the Netherlands within eighteen months by providing services in 45 municipalities.

Go Sharing’s parent company, Go Green, also focuses on last-mile delivery for customers such as Just Eat Takeaway, Domino’s, and Deliveroo.

Image Credit: Go Sharing


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