Evergreen, a FinTech company with B-Corp certification, has closed a €1.3 million seed financing to accelerate product development. The Leipzig-based startup is gaining favor with investors and provides unbiased and open financial consulting services.

The use of digital tools is necessary for today’s environment for managing funds and making long-term plans. Even though many service providers are offering to assist consumers with asset management, there is still some skepticism and it can be challenging to know who to trust because transparency is not always easy to find.

Evergreen, a German financial firm that has raised more funding for expansion, seeks to change that. The 2018-born startup has raised €1.3 million in an early fundraising round. The American ZAIS Group is the principal investor.

Evergreen CEO Iven Kurz said, “I am honored by the confidence our shareholders have shown in Evergreen. We are all collaborating to change capital investment sustainably. This year, we’ll pay special attention to growing our selection.”

Iven Kurz added, “Sustainability and retirement planning are our main concerns. With sustainable solutions for capital-forming benefits, employer pensions, and the pan-European pension plan, or PEPP, we aim to gradually extend our offering in this area.”

Evergreen, a Leipzig-native asset manager, has been recognized as a sustainable B Corp, a testament to the values that guide the company’s asset management strategy.

Evergreen serves as a direct asset manager, providing its clients and partner businesses with the whole value chain for capital investment, including onboarding, administration of specific investment products, and management of digital assets from a single source.

The firm intends to grow after customers more than doubled in 2022. The fresh funding infusion will drive the growth of the sustainable product line and the creation of additional retirement planning tools. Additionally, it will promote the growth of the asset management as a service (AMaaS) sector.

According to Martin Liebsch, Investment Manager at Mittelständische Beteiligungsgesellschaft Sachsen, “As a FinTech in the growth phase, it is not simple to accomplish larger financing rounds in the current market situation.”

“However, the Evergreen team has impressively shown through its KPIs that crises also offer possibilities,” Martin concluded. There is appealing potential for shareholders and further scaling through new partnerships and product developments, in addition to the growth to date.

Image Credit: Evergreen


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