Healthwire, a Lahore-based health-tech startup aiming to become a healthcare super-app, has received $3.3 million in Series-A funding.

The startup, which was founded in 2014, began by delivering software solutions to doctors, clinics, hospitals, labs, and pharmacies in Pakistan. It now intends to concentrate on end-users, offering them end-to-end healthcare services through its app.

“Every single day, the platform connects over 10,000 patients with doctors.” “The startup plans to use the financing to accelerate its expansion and become Pakistan’s healthcare super app,” according to a statement from the company.

The new funds will be used to extend the network of doctors, labs, and pharmacies, as well as increase the super app’s capability and market to end patients.

“Adoption has to happen faster to stay ahead of others,” Hamza, co-founder, and CEO of Healthwire said of how the company hopes to compete with others. Because of our digital solutions already in place at hospitals, clinics, and labs, we have better access to hospitals, doctors, and labs in our instance. We’ve laid the groundwork and are well-positioned to become a super-app.”

“The patient-doctor relationship is the point where the entire healthcare ecosystem converges,” stated Nabeel, co-founder, and CTO of Healthwire. We can assure that great treatment is available to patients in the most remote corners of the country by having this interaction on our health-tech platform. We can assure that this access is both affordable and inclusive because of the tech platform’s economies of scale.”

“We are pleased to be doubling down on one of the stars in our portfolio,” said Khurram Zafar, managing director of 47 Ventures and a seed investor in Healthwire. Even during the difficult COVID era, Healthwire has grown and gained momentum, demonstrating the team’s strength and tenacity. It is set to become Pakistan’s health-tech leader.”

“Dilsons goal to engage in Digital Healthcare matches well with integrated solution provider Healthwire,” Hassan Sheikh, Director at Dilsons Private Limited, stated of their investment in Healthwire. As a result, we can participate in the Digital Health ecosystem, which will influence the future of health technology. This agreement will allow us to be a part of Pakistan’s premier digital healthcare platform for illness management, which will provide us with strong capabilities and, in turn, better patient outcomes.”

Image Credit: Healthwire


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