10 things to know about Apple’s new potent smart speaker released – HomePod

The HomePod, Apple‘s updated smart speaker, was presented. The updated HomePod – Apple, which was first introduced in 2018 and was discontinued in 2021, comes with a similar-looking appearance, a new CPU, smart home functionality, and much more. Here are 10 things to be aware of about Apple’s most recent smart speaker:

1) Room-Sensing feature available on the HomePod

The new HomePod incorporates room-sensing technology that recognizes sound reflections from close by surfaces to determine whether it is against a wall or freestanding and then modifies sound in real time.

2) Immersive sound features with advanced audio quality

To provide superior computational audio, Apple has integrated the S7 chip, which can be found in Apple Watch Series 7. This chip works in conjunction with software and system-sensing technology. The excellent sound quality was provided by the original HomePod, and the latest model promises to be much better.

Apple HomePod

3) HomePod’s design remains the same

Similar to the iPhone in shape, the HomePod is cylindrical but lighter and shorter. The new HomePod is the same width as the one from the previous generation. Although it still includes a transparent mesh fabric and a lighted touch surface, it now has edge-to-edge illumination.

4) Apple’s HomePod can help you locate ‘missing’ devices

Users can utilize Find My on HomePod to locate their Apple devices, such as an iPhone, by playing a sound on the missing device.

5) Built-in sensors for temperature and humidity

The HomePod now has a new sensor that can assess the indoor climate. When a specified temperature is reached in a room, users can program automation to automatically close the blinds or turn on the fan.

Apple HomePod Unveiled

6) A sound recognition feature has been added

According to Apple, the HomePod features a new Sound Recognition feature that may be able to recognize the sounds of smoke and carbon monoxide alarms and notify consumers when it does. However, a software upgrade will make this capability accessible later this year.

7) Third-party Products can be Connected to HomePod via Matter

The new benchmark for smart home accessories is a matter. HomePod supports a variety of smart home items because it can connect to and control Matter-enabled accessories.

Apple HomePod

8) HomePod is only Available in Two Colours

The HomePod is available in the colors starlight and midnight. Both have variations of black and white, respectively.

9) In comparison to other ‘SMART’ speakers, HomePod is more expensive

The new HomePod is more expensive than other smart speakers from Amazon or Google since Apple has set its pricing at $299.

10) HomePod-2-up-230118 from Apple

You need an iPhone or iPad to configure a HomePod. Not compatible with “older” Apple products is another thing to bear in mind. iPhone SE (2nd generation) and later, iPhone 8 and later, or iPad Pro, iPad (5th generation) and later, iPad Air (3rd generation), or iPad mini (5th generation) and later running iPadOS 16.3 are all compatible with HomePod.

Image Credit: Apple


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