A business from UK Beurzbyte created a platform to assist retail investors in understanding their holdings and making wise decisions. The London-based business is adopting a visual format, similar to Zeed, which offers brief 60-second educational videos created by professionals in the finance field.

Beurzbyte has now obtained £2.2M in pre-seed funding from angel investors to grow its platform and develop proprietary content for financial literacy and investment intelligence.

Retail investors currently have access to a variety of asset classes. One can, however, easily become perplexed and unsure of where to turn if there are too many options and an abundance of information.

Beurzbyte was created by Pedram Parhizkari and Niels Soete in response to their displeasure with the lack of experience in the investing business and the pricey, out-of-date, and overly complex existing alternatives.

The team recognized the need for a platform that offered investment analytics and financial education while also customizing material to individual preferences.

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Our mission is to assist investors in developing their investment style, philosophy, and personality. This is reflected in our motto, “find the investor in you.” According to the co-founders, they encourage ordinary investors all over the world to identify their investment style and decide whether they favor growth and taking on more risk or dividends and a risk-averse approach.

Beurzbyte is a smartphone application that uses video content to teach novice investors the ins and outs of investing and assist them to find investment possibilities.

Through imaginative narrative, the company’s platforms, “Beurzbyte Learn” and “Beurzbyte Discover,” provide users with information that they can utilize to take action.

Image Credit: Beurzbyte


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