Netigate, a pioneer in experience management solutions in Europe, acquired Lumoa, one of the first customer experience platforms to offer generative AI technology.

Uniting two prominent European entrepreneurs dedicated to prioritizing employee and customer voices in business decision-making, this calculated action has resulted in an organization serving over 1,500 clients across Europe, including Credit Euro Bank, Spotify, Santander, and Circle K.

Unified Insights:

Businesses collect multi-channel input daily, which could benefit from deeper qualitative analysis for more effective utilization. Both Lumoa and Netigate recognized that achieving the most insightful analysis requires combining gathering methods to capture the feedback giver’s state of mind effectively. Consequently, to facilitate significant actions and decisions, organizations must disseminate this information in real time, granting access to individuals or entire teams.

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Mikkel Drucker, CEO of Netigate, said:

“This acquisition is a fantastic step towards realizing our mission to inspire actions through an authentic understanding of people. In addition, through the integration of Lumoa’s AI and CX expertise with Netigate’s cutting-edge feedback management systems, we are establishing a new benchmark for how businesses around Europe may use employee and customer feedback to foster long-term growth and satisfaction.”

Carlos Del Corral, CEO of Lumoa, said:

“Joining forces with Netigate accelerates our mission to empower every employee to make the right decision based on the voice of their customers. By working together, we can expand our focus from the customer experience to the entire experience, all the while setting the standard for data security and privacy, adhering to all European laws, and ensuring that your data is never processed or transferred outside of the European Union.”

Lars Lunde, a partner at GRO Capital, stated:

“This partnership between Netigate and Lumoa exemplifies our investment philosophy of backing companies poised for growth and prepared to shape the future of their industries. Consequently, we are eager to witness the transformative impact of the combined platform on experience management throughout Europe and beyond.”

Experience Management x Generative AI:

Together, Netigate and Lumoa are in a unique position to provide businesses with the most cutting-edge technology, including Generative AI capabilities that give voice to consumers and employees, all while adhering to European regulations regarding the use and processing of data.

Leading North European (private equity) fund GRO Capital made a significant strategic investment in Netigate in 2022, with a focus on B2B software. Moreover, their analysis predicts that the EU’s EX and CX software market will surpass $10 billion by 2027.

Image Credit: Netigate


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