AI-Powered Customer Service: PolyAI
Europe Startups

PolyAI secures €50 Million in series C funding round, for its AI-powered customer service technology

In a Series C fundraising round, the London-based AI startup PolyAI just raised more than €50 million to enhance AI-powered

Manufacturing Efficiency by
Europe Startups

Deltia picks €4.5M to tackle manufacturing labor shortage through AI and Computer Vision, optimizing manufacturing efficiency

Deltia, a Berlin-based computer vision software company, recently secured €4.5 million in a seed funding round aimed at enhancing manufacturing

AI-Powered Communication Parloa Founders
Europe Startups

Berlin’s Parloa snaps €61.7M in a Series B round to scale and enhance its AI-powered communication platform for customer service

Parloa, the forefront provider of AI-powered communication for customer support, has successfully secured €61.7 million in a Series B funding

Child Development: TukToro's Innovative AI Learning Tool by a2zebra
Europe Startups

Berlin-based, EdTech startup a2zebra secures €500k to utilize AI for child development with TukToro

Berlin-based EdTech startup a2zebra has announced the closing of a fresh €500K in a funding round focused on Child Development,

AI Assistant Startup - Metaview
Europe Startups

Raising €6.4 million, Metaview is developing the ultimate AI assistant to enhance hiring processes

London-based, AI assistant startup, Metaview, which assists teams in eliminating labor and bureaucracy from their hiring process, has raised €6.4

Experience Management & Generative AI : Netigate acquired Lumoa
Europe Startups

Leading the way in experience management, Netigate acquires Lumoa, birthing a prominent solution

Netigate, a pioneer in experience management solutions in Europe, acquired Lumoa, one of the first customer experience platforms to offer

Data Intelligence Startup: Acto
Europe Startups

Paderborn Acto’s secures €3.7 million to empower B2B sales teams with their active decision data intelligence

Paderborn Acto, a decision data intelligence tool for B2B sales teams, has successfully secured €3.7 million in a seed funding

Generative AI Design: Recraft
Europe Startups

Revolutionizing Professional Design: Recraft Secures €11 Million Series A for Advancing Generative AI Design

Professional generative AI design generator tool, Recraft secures €11M in a Series A fundraising round. Nat Friedman, the former CEO

Generative AI

Generative AI: The Next Big Thing in Content Creation

Generative AI is a branch of artificial intelligence that can create new content from scratch, such as text, images, music,

Google AI Bard

Google to Integrate ChatGPT-like AI into Search Engine to Compete with Microsoft’s Bing

Alphabet-owned, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that the search engine will soon receive an integration similar to ChatGPT, Google