Macai, a Milan-based “complete grocer in the q-commerce area,” has secured $3 million in the “biggest ever in the Italian market and a major milestone for the local and European ecosystem,” according to the company. While Macai is now functioning in two cities, it plans to use the funds to expand its infrastructure and make critical employees in order to continue its overall growth and development. This is the biggest market in Italy’s history, and it’s a watershed moment for the local and European economies, signaling a shift in consumer behavior.

The startup describes itself as a “full grocer in the q-commerce arena,” envisions a fully digital supermarket that focuses on offerings rather than speed. Macai plans to open a network of so-called dark stores in Northern Italy in the next weeks in order to dispatch up to 7,500 product varieties to clients in a matter of minutes. Long-term ambitions include being the dominant player in Southern and Central Europe, a market worth €2.2 trillion. Before the middle of 2022, Macai plans to expand internationally.

Retail prices and speedy eco-friendly delivery are some of the ingredients of this Italian startup, with a long-term mission to reshape the grocery shopping experience. The focus on offer rather than speed makes this a pioneering offering to the q-commerce space, which up to now has been dominated by the speed of delivery rather than the selection.

“This pre-seed round will allow us to establish a strong team, launch the first dark stores in Italy, and start constructing the technology infrastructure that will enable us to fully reinvent the painpoint of this industry: the supply chain,” said Giovanni Cavallo, CEO, and Co-founder.

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