Markaz Technologies, a marketplace startup based in Islamabad, is on a mission to empower Pakistan’s burgeoning middle class. The company is creating a marketplace that connects Pakistan’s wholesale and social media reseller networks, allowing microentrepreneurs to earn money from the comfort of their own homes.

Markaz enables micro-entrepreneurs to source wholesale products from all around Pakistan via WhatsApp, Facebook, and Instagram. Our marketplace enables these micro-entrepreneurs to establish their businesses with no capital outlay, while we assist them by providing excellent service to their clients. We accomplish this by handling their delivery, payment, and customer service activities.

“We are a marketplace where you can select the best things to sell to your friends and family and make money from the comfort of your own home. We make the procedure simple for you by combining technology with a world-class user experience. We believe in working hard and having a good time while accomplishing our goals “, according to a statement from the startup

“Pakistan has one of the world’s youngest populations and is on track to become the world’s seventh-largest consumer market by 2030. Our objective is to allow 5 million people, primarily women, to create their enterprises while working from home, thereby supercharging Pakistan’s eCommerce rails”, the statement continued.

For the Winter’22 cohort, Markaz has been backed by Y Combinator, the world’s top startup accelerator.

Image Credit: Markaz Technologies


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