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The first seed round of funding for SACLÀB, a Munich-based online marketplace for purchasing and selling pre-owned super luxury handbags, raises €1.6 million from Estonian venture capital firm Trind Ventures and German investment firm G-Fund.

The money will be used mainly by the business to expand its scalable marketing, human resources, and technological infrastructure.

“We are overjoyed that the two VCs have joined the preliminary round. Their knowledge is precisely what we require to advance SACL-B. Alexandra Stück, the co-founder of SACLÀB, states that when choosing investors, trust and commitment are our top objectives.

“You always assume investors might want to take over running the company, but that’s not the case,” Alexandra Stück continued. Above all, we sought out partners who agreed with us. As a result, their knowledge and network allowed us to greatly benefit in addition to being able to increase our capital.

“The goal is to turn a profit on all of these investments so that we can continue to be as sustainable as we can. Many businesses simply spend their cash and depend on investment from the start. That arrangement is not what we want, says Jan-Oliver Stück.

SACLÀB is an internet store that specializes in hard-to-find super luxury bags and was established in 2018 by siblings Alexandra and Jan-Oliver Stück.

The business asserts that instead of the community directly trading handbags, SACLÀB provides a curated product inventory and a 360° concierge service for sellers. The client is at the center of the entire encounter.

At this amount, you can’t just purchase a designer handbag. We place a premium on providing customers with the knowledge they require and the degree of support that the merit of our products. Our client support has always been integrated with a live chat feature in addition to virtual advisory appointments, according to Jan-Oliver Stück.

According to the firm, the first three years of operation were spent bootstrapping the business.

Building a business model that we could gradually scale was especially important to us when we first started the firm. We didn’t start out using a lot of our money on significant PR and marketing initiatives because of this. We have been able to grow organically and healthily as a result, and this has happened across many various areas, says Jan-Oliver Stück.

“We are setting up an internet storefront and preparing for our soft launch in the United States this year. In addition, we are working on several UX/UI enhancements to make the purchasing and selling process even smoother and more enjoyable, says Alexandra Stück.

Image Credit: SACLÀB


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