Stockholm-based, SaaS startup Life Inside, which helps companies automate the gathering and publication of interactive video testimonials from clients and staff, is reinventing video marketing through its interactive marketing platform. The company recently announced €350k in funding to support its growth.

Investors Fuel Startup Growth

A group of angel investors provided the cash, including Houman Ashrafzadeh, who co-founded Padium UK with Spotify founder Martin Lorentzson, Jonas Brogårdh, Sweden’s former Secretary of Commerce in the UK, and Stefan Magnusson, who was a seed investor in Evolution Gaming. The startup plans to use the additional capital to extend its worldwide outreach and marketing strategy, improve the platform’s interactivity, and integrate artificial intelligence (AI) into its features for content generation and analysis.

Originally envisioned to address a void in corporate storytelling, Life Inside was first hatched in Oddwork in 2022, a Nordic pioneer in employer branding, and founded by Charles Sinclair, Poyan Karimi, and Niklas Kekonius, who were also co-founders of Oddwork. Charles, Poyan, and Niklas set out to develop a platform to foster stronger connections between audiences and businesses while disseminating firsthand accounts from customers and staff. These days, Life Inside offers companies of all kinds a completely interactive platform that allows online audiences to actively choose the subjects and media types they wish to deal with, humanizing and personalizing their marketing content. The platform aims to boost audience engagement and conversion for the job streams of marketing, sales, employer branding, and recruitment.

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Co-founder of Padium and round angel investor Houman Ashrafzadeh stated:

“Consider a scenario where each visitor to your website is directed by interactive video testimonials. They are interacting with actual tales and selecting the pathways that personally speak to them, rather than only watching films. It implies that prospective workers or clients will be able to interact with the business in whole new ways, forming a bond that cannot be established through static words or visuals. I couldn’t be more pleased to support Life Inside, which humanizes marketing by assisting businesses in becoming online living entities where every click leads to a richer, more meaningful knowledge of what it means to be a part of their organization.”

Revolutionizing Recruitment Videos

The biggest challenge faced by job seekers in the recruitment process is their lack of knowledge about what it’s like to work for an organization. 95% of B2B buyers in sales and marketing believe that video is crucial to completing a transaction. However, as we looked around, we couldn’t find a simple way to gather and share sincere video testimonials from clients and staff. To help businesses change that and effectively highlight the core of their offerings and cultures, we designed Life Inside to enable them to quickly and affordably record genuinely compelling and human tales. to create an online experience that is as intimate and interesting as in-person interactions, but more scalable, said Charles Sinclair, co-founder of Life Inside and head of partnerships.

With over 70 subscribers, Life Inside has had tremendous growth since its 2022 launch and has achieved cash positivity. The business already has international relationships with important corporations such as Specsavers, Adecco, the largest recruiting agency in Sweden, Parexel, an American clinical research organization, Telia, a Swedish telecom company, and Axfood, the second-biggest food shop in Sweden. Life Inside made it to the finalist selection for “SaaS-Newcomer of the Year” at the Breakit SaaS Summit, the largest SaaS event in the Nordic region, in both 2022 and 2023.

Market Intersection Opportunity

Life Inside operates at the intersection of two rapidly expanding markets: the global application tracking system market, predicted to reach $2 billion by 2027, and the chatbot market, which might reach $32.4 billion by 2032. Life Inside is capitalizing on the trend of businesses’ increasing desire for flexible, high-quality video creation. The platform distinguishes itself from rivals with its smooth integration experience and interactive features that go beyond basic video testimonials. It also satisfies strict security and privacy requirements, including GDPR compliance at its foundation.

Image Credit: Life Inside


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