Abhi, Pakistan’s first-ever financial wellness platform, has completed a pre-Series A capital raising, four months after its launch.

The startup now offers employees to avoid costly alternatives and lead times by using Abhi’s platform, which enables interest-free and Shariah-compliant access to earned compensation in advance. Employees use Abhi’s app or website to request an advance paycheck, and monies are paid into the employee’s account of choice.

Abhi intends to work with additional companies in Pakistan to help them be more flexible in addressing their employees’ cash needs, as well as to help people manage financial stress and unexpected expenses via their platform. Abhi is working with over 75 companies with a quarter-million employees, intending to tackle financial stress by enabling employees to meet their financial obligations without falling into debt traps – but also to benefit employers. They plan to use the funds to support continued growth and meet overwhelming customer demand for their platform – Omair Ansari, CEO of Abhi.

Image Source: #Abhi


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