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Stippl, an all-in-one travel platform located in Amsterdam has raised €400K to speed up its international growth and reach a user base of over 100K travelers worldwide by 2023, announced the company on Monday.

The startup had raised another €400K earlier in December 2022.

Typically, making a vacation itinerary can be time-consuming. It involves searching through several websites for popular tourist destinations, visiting numerous websites to reserve airfare and lodging, and much more.

In 2021, Luuk Verhoeven, Omar Sheshtawy, and Robin van Rijn developed Stippl as a result of this tiresome and time-consuming approach.

20K people have joined the platform since its preliminary launch in 2022.

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The three intended to develop a platform with a user-friendly and easily shareable experience that smoothly combines every element of travel preparation, from locating transportation to choosing the ideal lodging.

According to the founders, “our objective is to make the process of organizing a trip as delightful as the adventure itself.”

Stippl provides users with a platform through its website and mobile apps for iOS and Android that makes it simple to plan, organize, and modify their trip itineraries.

Users can begin by choosing the travel dates and corresponding locations in a “drag and drop” planner, which can be shared and synchronized with others when many individuals plan travels, according to the Dutch startup.

Once the itinerary has been planned, Stippl may locate and reserve acceptable lodging using services like and Airbnb as well as the necessary transit using a variety of public transportation companies and airlines.

The business wants to displace Microsoft Excel as the most popular trip scheduler on a global scale.

Stippl is a travel planning tool that may also be used to locate attractions, hotspots, and dining establishments in the intended locations.

The platform also offers suggestions and itineraries generated by other Stippl users, as well as a wide range of blogs and articles.

Users of Stippl can also duplicate the entire route taken by other members.

Stippl is accessible to travelers as well as travel bloggers and influencers, hotels, and Destination Marketing Agencies.

In addition to these artists, Stippl concentrates on collaborations with travel firms, many of whom continue to plan trips using antiquated technologies like Excel, PDFs, and PDF documents.

Image Credit: Stippl


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