Venture capital firm, with offices in Amsterdam, declared on Monday, December 19, that it had closed its Fund II at €145 million. The venture capital firm specializes in supporting deep-tech and high-tech companies in the Nordics, Germany, and the Netherlands.

Wealthy individuals, family funds, and prosperous business owners are among the InvestEU Fund’s investors in addition to the European Union, which provides financial support to the Fund.

According to, the cash will be used to encourage the expansion and development of creative startups in the area and help them commercialize their “ground-breaking” technology. This will not only benefit the companies, but it will also boost regional economic growth and create new job opportunities.

According to Paul Pruijmboom, managing partner of, “Our team is made up of seasoned founders and operators who have successfully built multinational companies while navigating through various market cycles. The new fund will increase our portfolio of European entrepreneurs that are moving abroad while also building on’s successful track record.

The Fund will invest between €1 million and €20 million in tech-driven businesses that are tackling some of society’s most pressing problems. The creators of these startups are passionate about using technology to make a difference through commercialization.

The funds currently consist of more than 20 business owners, operators, and professionals. The team will be able to expand by hiring new members across North-Western Europe with the aid of the new money. The VC claims that its objective is to become the most beneficial early-stage deep-tech investor in Europe.

Recent investments of the second fund include Qualinx, Quantware, Bi/ond, and Optics11 (advanced optics), as well as quantum computing (semicon). was established in 2018 to cater to the “unique” requirements of high-tech businesses. A group of seasoned investors and business owners who support the expansion of the European tech ecosystem created it.

The company states that since its founding, after reviewing more than a thousand businesses, it has learned about the possibility presented by high tech in the Netherlands. is directing investment in industrial technology that is transforming essential industries, from biomanufacturing to robots for electric vehicles to quantum computing. Industrial hardware innovation will serve as the foundation for radical innovation in computing, climate technology, manufacturing, and supply chains.

According to the company, “We are looking for big thinkers that wish to translate breakthroughs into commercial success by tackling challenging issues. FORWARD. One adopts an early-stage approach and provides entrepreneurs with the funding and hands-on assistance required to become global winners.

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