Apiable, a Helsinki-based startup, recently received further funding of roughly €479k ($500k) to expand its no-code API Portals-as-a-Service platform. The startup wants to leverage its platform to make it easier for businesses to use APIs and access new revenue streams.

A group of former Swisscom API product specialists founded Apiable in 2020 intending to address the issue of insufficient API management tools. Simply put, they want to make the API ecosystem more accessible by addressing the lack of tools for businesses that want to invest in it. Give every organization a chance to support APIs.

The Helsinki-based company wants to make it possible for businesses to establish new revenue streams by swiftly and affordably establishing digital relationships.

A new pre-seed round of finance of €479k ($500k) has been provided to the firm. served as the project’s leader, and the team will use it to scale operations in response to rising demand as businesses realize they must produce digital versions of their goods and services.

“CEOs and innovation leaders within organizations recognize that to survive and prosper they need to create digital versions of their products and services,” says Allan Knabe, CEO of Apiable. To draw clients and partners, businesses must develop APIs and make them accessible on an API gateway. Finding the development resources is challenging and expensive, and it takes them away from their core business to build and maintain an API portal.

“With Apiable, we have facilitated this for them and sped up the entire procedure for integrating into the API economy. We are in a fantastic position to build on the traction we have achieved over the past 12 months thanks to’s commitment.

By using a no-code method, Apiable customers can build up their customized API site in less than an hour, allowing them to allocate their resources (about €80k) to expand their businesses.

Bikmo, a provider of bike insurance, and Apiable’s first client worked together to develop the platform, making sure that consumer feedback and input were taken into consideration at every stage and that it was as simple and user-friendly as possible.

According to Dave George, CEO of Bikmo, “having a seamless integration with bike brands and retailers at the point of sale, whether online or in-store, is crucial in our mission to protect the world’s riders and over 70% of our policy sales are triggered by a new bike purchase.” We are now able to provide a variety of API products thanks to Apiable, which allows us to launch with partners swiftly and simply. They have been simple to deal with and will continue to be an important component of our platform ecosystem.

“The Apiable team has deep expertise in building API portals, and we see the need for APIs proliferating through most companies, even ones you couldn’t imagine,” says Riku Seppälä, General Partner at Our support of Apiable and the digital economy fills us with joy.

Image Credit: Apiable


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