Baserow, a Dutch startup, has raised €5 million in its seed round to develop an open-source, all-in-one, no-code toolchain and release its paid premium and enterprise editions in Q3 2022.

Due to their efficiency in addressing difficult business challenges, notably the need to digitise workflows, automate processes, and increase company efficiencies, the low-code and no-code tool industries have had continuous growth since the pandemic. By 2025, low-code or no-code technologies will be used in 70% of new apps created by enterprises, according to Gartner.

Baserow, which made a significant bet on the market, was founded in 2021 and offers customers the option of SaaS or self-hosting solutions, releasing them from vendor lock-in. Additionally, it offers customers complete flexibility to own and control the apps they develop as well as the ability to modify the platform with unique plug-ins.

The business claims that over a thousand sign-ups occurred in June. Hundreds of people have signed up for its Premium version, which is scheduled to launch in July 2022.

As Baserow launches its commercial offering, co-founder and CEO Bram Wiepjes said: “We will concentrate on the needs of our users who want to use our platform to manage their business-critical processes but are constrained by data governance, scalability, and security constraints that make existing SaaS only tools challenging to adopt.”

According to Olivier Maes, Baserow’s co-founder and CRO, “Baserow has found that businesses in the private and public sector want to use no-code tools to create applications, manage data, and automate processes for greater productivity, improve citizen services, drive faster time to market metrics, and lower costs.”

Frank Lansink, a partner at Inkef, stated that “no-code adoption in the workplace is truly still in its infancy with only point solutions and no clear winners yet.”

Image Credit: Baserow


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