Qollabi, a platform for managing business relationships, has secured €3M in a Pre-Series A round from KPN Ventures, PMV, Angelwise, and an American fund. The funding will be used by the business to improve and widen its global footprint.

According to Frie Pétré, CEO of Qollabi, “This investment fuels Qollabi to better support our existing foreign customers and accelerate our expansion in the US.” “We are already noticing the impact of the additional expertise the new investors offer.”

Qollabi, a company founded by Frie Pétré and Toon Coppens, offers software that enables businesses to work with channel partners. BRM (Business Relationship Management) from the company is a SaaS solution that may be used in a variety of industries, including financial services, telecom, IT, and others.

The goal of the Belgian company is to establish effective, predictable action plans for the sales process.

The Qollabi platform is used by numerous businesses throughout Europe, including Alcatel-Lucent in France, KPN in the Netherlands, and Bpost in Belgium.

All of these businesses rely on a network of partners or indirect channels for their sales. Technology firms can efficiently reach a global audience by working with local distributors or agents.

These businesses benefit from Qollabi’s assistance in creating collaborative, predictable digital action plans with their partners.

The venture capital division of KPN, the Dutch market leader in telecom and ICT, is KPN Ventures. Young IT growth firms are the main focus of KPN Ventures.

The managing director of KPN Ventures, Hans Söhngen, says of Qollabi: “We are delighted to welcome Qollabi to our portfolio of young, cutting-edge software startups. When it comes to working with sales partners, Qollabi has built a solid value offer that adds a high level of professionalism. Additionally, Qollabi will be crucial to KPN’s SME division’s indirect partner sales channel.

An early-stage investment fund called Angelwise is primarily focused on assisting startups and new businesses as they move into the next stage of growth, ideally in collaboration with other angel investors or early-stage funds.

“We are happy to be able to help create such an ambitious company as Qollabi, together with the company’s excellent staff and other investors,” says Jan Vorstermans, Managing Partner at Angelwise. Qollabi is entering a brand-new market. The quickening of expansion and internationalization made possible by this fundraising round is something we’re anticipating.

Image Credit: Qollabi


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