Bazaar co-founders, Hamza Jawaid and Saad Jangda have been selected by Endeavor, a leading global community of high-impact entrepreneurs, as the first Pakistani entrepreneurs to join their community.

Bazaar is the leading e-commerce, fintech, and supply chain platform for 5M+ businesses in Pakistan. Since its inception just two years ago, Bazaar has scaled its operations to over 48 cities and towns in the country, helping businesses procure inventory, manage bookkeeping and get access to credit.

Endeavor supports and accelerates high-impact entrepreneurs by connecting them with talent, capital, and a worldwide peer and mentor community. Endeavor Pakistan will be Endeavor’s 40th office to launch since its founding year in 1997. It has helped 2,286 entrepreneurs build 1,420 companies in 40 markets throughout North America, Latin America, Asia, the Middle East, Africa, and Europe and includes rapidly growing ventures such as Careem, Brex, Bukalapak, and Rappi, that are transforming the economies of emerging markets.

Endeavor Pakistan is led by Managing Director, Ali Samir Oosman and its board of directors includes Mudassir Sheikha, Co-Founder, and CEO of Careem; Ali Mukhtar, Founder and GP of Fatima-Gobi Venture; Amir Paracha, Chairman and CEO of Unilever Pakistan; Osman Rashid, Chairman & CEO of Convo, SOAR Schools & Khoj Resorts, and Tania Aidrus, Co-founder of Rayn Group.

“At Endeavor, we are deeply convinced about Bazaar’s potential to revolutionize traditional retail in Pakistan. As the first Endeavor Entrepreneurs representing their country, Hamza and Saad will serve as a lighthouse to the next generation of founders, inspiring them to dream bigger, scale faster, and pay it forward”, said Endeavor Catalyst Managing Partner Allen Taylor.

In addition to the co-founders being selected as Endeavor Entrepreneurs, Bazaar has also received funding from the Endeavor Catalyst fund. As one of the world’s most active venture capital funds, the organization has co-invested alongside 100+ funds and is one of the top five global investors with the most unicorns in its portfolio.

As the country undergoes a wave of digital transformation, Endeavor Pakistan will play a pivotal role in furthering the entrepreneurial ecosystem by enabling future generations of Pakistani founders and startups.

Image Credit: Bazaar


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