The Berlin-based DeepTech startup deeploi, which creates comprehensive IT management solutions for SMEs, has completed a seed funding round of €6 Million. Atomico, a European VC firm, led the deal, with Cherry Ventures, a previous investor, also participating.

Deeploi’s Rapid Expansion

deeploi’s business has expanded quickly since its €3 Million pre-seed round in March 2023, bringing in over 30 customers and expanding to over 20 staff working out of two offices. Andreas Helbig, a partner at Atomico, will join the deeploi board as part of this round.

deeploi will use the funds from this latest fundraising round to expand its product and engineering, Go-to-Market, IT support, and product teams. They will also continue to enhance the platform to better suit the tech stacks of the contemporary, cloud-native businesses that deeploi services.

With cyberattacks on the rise and data breaches growing more expensive, every organization needs efficient IT. Existing solutions, however, have long been inadequate for the IT sector; they address only a portion of the issue (such as mobile device management) and are designed for full-time, professional IT administrators. Because of this, SMEs face considerable challenges in managing their tech stack, including friction, security threats, and expense. SMEs often lack the capacity or resources to hire a specialized IT department. Nonspecialists, whose main responsibilities are elsewhere, are taking on these IT management responsibilities. 60% of the 550,000 SMEs in Germany with 20–150 FTEs, according to Atomico’s data, rely on these non-experts, who find it difficult to make sense of the abundance of available tools as IT gets more complicated.

Deeploi’s custom platform comprehensively covers the entire IT department, streamlining processes from device management to onboarding and offboarding, as well as addressing compliance and cybersecurity. Current platform users claim to have reduced onboarding times from hours to minutes and to have spent 80% less time on IT overall. Additionally, the deeploi team offers knowledgeable help to address ticket issues in less than half an hour.

Julian Lübke, a co-founder of deeploi, said:

“It can be a struggle just to ensure everyone’s laptop, software, and security is up to scratch for businesses without a specialist IT function and the “accidental IT admin” left to fill in. Automating these tasks increases business productivity and growth by saving time and money.”

Co-founder of Deploi Philipp Hoffman continued, saying:

“In a previous life, I provided IT management solutions, so I witnessed firsthand the stress and resource consumption that IT management could cause. However, in the modern world, effective IT is what keeps organizations operating. Thus, I’m happy that we can provide a comprehensive offering that saves money without sacrificing quality.”

Andreas Helbig, a partner at Atomico stated:

“Simple and safe IT management is mission-critical for all businesses. The current situation, in which SMEs are forced to overwork and strain their “accidental IT owner” or outsource to Managed Service Providers (MSPs), cannot continue. The two creators of deeploi, Julian and Philipp, have firsthand knowledge of this issue. Julian noticed what was lacking in the industry when scaling companies like McMakler, and Philipp owned an MSP. We are quite pleased that they chose Atomico to be a partner on their journey, as we have been greatly impressed by what they have accomplished in the hardly a year since the company was founded.”

deeploi: IT Management Solutions

deeploi provides businesses with affordable, efficient, and secure IT. Its comprehensive, all-in-one management platform and expert team take care of all your IT needs, streamlining everything from on & off-boarding and device management to cybersecurity and compliance. Julian Lübke and Philipp Hoffman founded the DeepTech startup deeploi in 2023, with headquarters in Berlin. Leading European investors, including Atomico and Cherry Ventures, back the company. The two founders combined their complementary experiences of scaling businesses and IT management services to create deeploi, the bespoke solution for companies without the time, budget, or know-how to set up and maintain their enterprise-class IT.

Image Credit: deeploi


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