Berlin-based EdTech startup a2zebra has announced the closing of a fresh €500K in a funding round focused on Child Development, using its AI tool, TukToro.

Among the investors are the founders of Tonies, Patric Faßbender and Marcus Stahl, and Sebastian Heide-Meyer zu Erpen, Dr. Christian Sprinkmeyer, and Kai Naujoks, the manager of Tonies. Prominent AI pioneers like Roland Fassauer and Robert Maier’s SB21 investor group are also making investments.

The fresh funds will go toward developing the AI platform, bringing the TukToro product to market, and expanding the business. To increase manufacturing and sales even further, the next fundraising round in the single-digit millions is already planned.

Child Development Innovation:

Children as young as four can learn math engagingly and amusingly with TukToro. It also imparts fundamental media knowledge. Connecting the play figure to a tablet or smartphone is simple. Children can select from a variety of math games on the companion app (iOS, Android), which is specifically designed for preschoolers and elementary school students. The youngster shakes the die-containing figurine. Sensors identify the outcomes of the dice, and the chosen game on the end device incorporates them. They also employ AI to manage learning narratives. They integrate LEDs into TukToro to provide kids with immediate feedback. Moreover, AI recommendations for games and difficulty levels are based on learning speed and behavior.

CTO of Tonies and advisor/investor of TukToro Sebastian Heide-Meyer zu Erpen:

“At Tonies, we have started to explore the potential of AI storytelling to engage children’s imaginations. Giving kids appropriate and kid-friendly access to technology is our aim. We have this same goal as a2zebra, and I’m excited to contribute my expertise to the team.”

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a2zebra GmbH’s first product is the AI toy TukToro. Through play, it aids in the development of children’s awareness of amounts and numbers. Further, TukToro integrates tactile and digital play experiences. They’re in the process of manufacturing the initial 5,000 TukToros.

The TukToro app is continuously being developed and tested in various settings, including children’s rooms, Berlin elementary schools, and educational institutions like the Center for Dyscalculia Therapy in Pankow. Soon, parents and educators will be able to access the app’s analytical features, which illustrate the learning process and suggest additional actions.

Elisha Benner, co-founder and CEO of TukToro, stated:

“The combination of haptic experiences with the TukToro figure and digital interactions on the end device appeals to children’s various senses and increases learning progress and motivation. Receiving direct and personalized feedback from youngsters is equally essential to us. Further, this differs greatly from the typical teaching strategies employed in schools.”

Image Credit: a2zebra


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