Beazy has received new funding to create the framework for a thriving creative economy. As the market for original content is expanding, this brings the Berlin-based team’s total funding to €1 million.

Beazy is now placing his bet on a European expansion after securing this additional financing. Additionally, it will expand the workforce and introduce new AI content development capabilities.

Content has grown to be of utmost importance to businesses and organizations across all industries. The creative economy is growing as a powerful force, with many businesses increasingly contributing to the creativity that supports the production of original content.

The relationship between human creativity and ideas, intellectual property, information, and technology is referred to as the “creative economy.” Different digital tools aid in the creation and distribution of this information in the digital age.

The future of this economy and content production has come under scrutiny with the emergence of AI technologies (ChatGPT, we’re looking at you), with concerns regarding content authenticity and what it means to create original works.

Against this backdrop, Berlin-based company Beazy seeks to provide the framework for the creative economy. Its technology aids in business administration and enables businesses and entrepreneurs to create high-quality visual material for its marketplace.

With the recent addition of fresh investment, the team’s total funding now exceeds €1 million. It has small and angel investors behind it, including Google Black Founders Fund Europe 2022, HitchHiker Ventures, and BTQ Ventures.

Beazy, a platform for teams to create, produce, and deliver content from beginning to end, was launched in 2019 by Jonas Ngoenha, Julia Besson, and Daniel Montenegro. By establishing connections between companies and skilled content producers, the production process is streamlined and made more economical, and access to the creative economy is democratized.

Additionally, the startup organizes social get-togethers so that creatives may interact in person, fostering a creative community and advancing the growth of this emerging sector. Beginning in Berlin, these so-called “BeazyMeets” have subsequently expanded to other cities in Europe, including Paris, London, Geneva, Lisbon, Porto, and Hamburg. On the platform, users and creatives can also reserve places for projects, like studios, residences, restaurants, and so on.

When WhoCan’s B2B interface truly started to take off in 2022, the team acquired it. Beazy Listings are now available in more than 50 countries and the company has over 8000 users. Current clients include Zalando, H&M, Pinterest, Babbel, Bolt, Delivery Hero, UrbanSportsClub, Gorillas, and TaxFix. It has recorded a 4x increase year over year.

Image Credit: Beazy


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