TECHnicalBeep, a Berlin-based company, raised €2M in a pre-seed round led by byFounders, with help from a group of seasoned operators and Possible Ventures.

The European Union (EFRE), the City of Berlin, byFounders, Possible Ventures, founders, and seasoned employees from businesses like N26, Frontier Car Group, SumUp, Twilio, Hive Technologies, and Finmid are among’s investors.

The German company will also use the money to enroll the 500+ waiting-list businesses in the Beta version.

Teams are currently drowning in office noise, including reply-all email culture, tool alerts, and Slack channel lurking to make sure they don’t miss any pertinent context.

Spoke was established by early N26 employees to reduce information overload and provide a context for work., which was founded by Jack Lancaster, Carl, and Max Brensell, addresses the issue of information overflow in the workplace.

ChatGPT: Understanding the Next Generation of Conversational AI

The business achieves this by using generative AI to gather, organize, and summarize data, filtering out the noise to produce meaning.

Modern teams use an increasing number of specialized SaaS tools, but they are drowning in the noise produced by conversations and content that is spread across all of them, according to Max Brenssell, co-founder of The context that we’re all lacking can be created using generative AI, which can cut through the noise.

In a few different areas, the business combines the suite with a tool stack (Slack, Jira, Github, Miro, Figma, and Notion):

Smart Inbox & Outbox: Prioritize and summarize alerts from various tools to quickly empty your inbox.

Generic Knowledge Base: A semantic search engine that links tickets, documents, and conversations from various tools to produce a concise source of truth that is always up to current.

Investor at byFounders Casper Bjarnason: “The new era of work necessitates the use of new tools. We were astounded by the founding team’s product vision when we first encountered them. We can’t wait to support Max, Jack, and Carl on their future adventure! pledges to release the Slack summarization app in open beta.

Additionally, the company asserts that early users from 20+ companies reported that its platform’s ability to summarize complex conversations across channels allowed them to save up to 40 minutes per day.

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