In its first round of pre-seed fundraising, Berlin-based HR Tech startup WAY has raised €1.2 Million.

Pitchdrive, a Belgium-based VC firm, led the investment, with support from IBB Ventures, FvS Investments, and HR VC allygatr. Notable SaaS angel investors also took part, including Joblift CTO Denis Bauer, CEO of Circus Kitchen CTO Helge Plehn, Comatch founders Jan Schächtele and Christoph Hardt, and CEO of the HR platform Kenjo, David Padilla.

The fresh funds will be used by the creators to advance the development of their cutting-edge IT platform. WAY wants to expand its innovative service, which combines a platform that handles manual IT duties with the easy and affordable purchase of laptops, smartphones, and similar devices.

WAY releases all involuntary IT supervisors, such as office managers, HR, or founders. Customers can buy or rent devices from WAY, and the platform autonomously manages all human IT tasks, covering inventory management, offboarding procedures, device configuration, and granting staff access to tools. Because of interfaces with Slack, Microsoft Teams, and all the major HR applications, it takes less than 60 seconds to provide new hires with a smartphone and all the tools they need.

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Jonas Baum, co-founder, and CEO of WAY said:

“Even tech-savvy SMEs frequently professionalize their IT too late because existing solutions are too expensive and designed for large companies with internal IT departments. We want to make sure everything is done correctly from the beginning and that no business ever has to go through the notorious IT pain again.”

For numerous features, WAY is free. Superior add-ons offer more automation and security. The solution targets both larger enterprises with pre-existing device fleets and smaller businesses. WAY provides an AI-powered solution that integrates IT inventories quickly and easily without requiring the laborious process of importing Excel spreadsheets.

Early in 2023, Jonas Baum and Cedric Bals founded WAY. While studying information technology as a working student, Cedric Bals noticed that traditional small and medium-sized firms (SMEs) struggled to cope with their IT challenges. Bals later encountered the same issues at contemporary scale-ups and startups. Consequently, Baum and Bals, experienced entrepreneurs, created WAY as a smart solution for IT challenges. They’ve successfully launched businesses, some with venture capital and others without.

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