Craft Docs has received $12.2 million in Series B funding as it works to create “the future of documents.” Along with earlier investors Creandum (which supported Ark Kapital and Mavenoid) and InReach Ventures, EBRD Venture Capital led the funding round. This most recent round of funding comes after the $8 million Series A round it received from Creandum and Gareth Williams, the founders of Skyscanner, last year.

With the additional funding, Craft Docs will be able to continue growing its user base, maintain its dominant position in the collaborative document market for both personal and commercial clients, and help businesses manage their daily workflow and produce and distribute attractive documents.

Craft is a key evolution in the world of documents, according to Balint Orosz, founder, and CEO of the company. We give our customers the ability to design a completely new kind of document format that is strong, elegant, and sharing. Our $12.2 million raise proves that we have faith in Craft’s quality and future growth. The investment puts us in a strong position to continue assembling the best talent possible for our team.

Data show that customers and users genuinely adore the product, according to Yalcin Gungoren of the EBRD Venture Capital Investment Programme. Being a part of the adventure and collaborating with Balint and the entire Craft team excites us. We were looking for growth that was driven by products, and that is what they have shown.”

“ is a unique startup producing a very unique product with some of the strongest user love and engagement that we’ve seen in the productivity market globally,” said Fredrik Cassel from Creandum. We are especially impressed by the evolution from Creandum’s first investment two years ago, from bringing value to single users to the present offering empowering entire organizations, including our own.

InReach Ventures co-founder Roberto Bonanzinga said, “We are thrilled to be the very first investors in Craft. We were enthralled by Balint’s innovative idea and aspiration to create the internet’s editor. It is incredible to see that idea realized in Craft’s product mechanics; the product’s visual capabilities and document creation tools harmoniously combine to provide a wonderful user experience that is suitable for whole organizations.

Craft Docs was established in 2019 by product design and user experience specialist Balint Orosz. Its main office is in Budapest, Hungary, and it also has hubs in the UK. Building the future of papers is straightforward yet effective. It completely alters the way we express ourselves through writing, drawing, and sharing ideas.

The company provides real-time syncing from any device, a stunning user interface, and unique deep connection capabilities. The tool gives businesses the power to create content that is incredibly imaginative, collaborative, and effective.

Over the past year, Craft’s user base has significantly increased, particularly in the USA, UK, Japan, and Germany. The product already powers companies in a variety of sectors, and it is on course to build on its early success with continued sector expansion. It is also natively developed for iOS, Mac, and the Web, and it earned the Mac App of the Year Award in 2021.


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