Healee, a telehealth startup based in Bulgaria, raises $2 million to expand its product in the US!

The start-up makes it possible for healthcare institutions to implement telemedicine, digital check-in and scheduling infrastructure fast and with bespoke workflows and branding.

Nearly 80% of all U.S. health institutions are still in the planning stages for their digital transformation, according to a 2022 assessment by HIMSS on the status of healthcare. The obstacles include a lack of appropriate customization and a tool that is poorly suited to organizational workflows.

The Bulgaria-based health IT firm Healee is taking on the challenge head-on by enabling healthcare organizations to swiftly create ready infrastructure for telehealth, digital check-in, and scheduling, set to bespoke workflows and branding. The startup has secured $2 million in a seed round to finance its growth in the United States and technological advancement. Calm/Storm Ventures, KAYA VC, and current investor Eleven Ventures joined Nina Capital in leading the investment.

The platform, which is situated in Sofia, currently offers a wide range of services, including those for wellness, mental health, chronic and palliative care, COVID consultations, and standard healthcare, insurance, and pharmaceuticals.

“Healee offers you an advanced, yet simple approach to get started with digital health while establishing your brand and adjusting your tool for improved user engagement,” stated Hristo Kosev, CEO and founder of Healee.

“Healee is ready for the upcoming wave of virtual care disruption, which is now being driven by the rising need for hybrid or virtual-first care models. With the capacity to support any unique virtual care use case, it has used an enabling technology platform approach to become a leader in this wave, continued Marc Subirats, a general partner at Nina Capital.

Image Credit: Healee


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