Carla, a Swedish e-commerce marketplace for leasing, buying, and selling electric vehicles, has raised €10 million in a Series A fundraising round, bringing the total raised to €13 million.

The funds will be used to launch a strategic recruitment campaign with key hires planned in marketing and development, continue to develop the company’s infrastructure, and ramp up international expansion efforts to become the European leader in the buying, selling, and leasing of EVs.

Within Sweden, the startup offers pickup and delivery of an electric vehicle purchased on its marketplace in as little as 72 hours. Carla also provides users the option of leasing an electric vehicle through the platform, as they do not want to limit their options and recognize that outright ownership is not for everyone. Their deal covers everything from the hood to the toes, including routine maintenance, comprehensive insurance, car tax, and much more.

“As we speak, the thirst for e-commerce is growing. “The traditional method of purchasing an automobile needs a challenger, and here we are. With Carla, we want to provide a convenient, personable, and safe alternative to anyone looking to purchase, sell, or lease an electric automobile.” Since our inception, there has been tremendous interest in the company, and we’re virtually selling automobiles faster than we can buy them. We’re also really proud of the response we’ve had from our customers, as evidenced by our outstanding Trustpilot ratings.” – the CEO remarked.

“Carla is working on the next-generation method of obtaining an electric vehicle. With tech and innovative solutions, the company is disrupting the traditional way of purchasing vehicles. “The EV market is currently massive and will expand to hundreds of billions of euros – only in Europe,” said Per Brilioth, CEO of VNV Global.

With the Swedish market second only to Norway in terms of electric vehicles on the road in Scandinavia, owners will ultimately want to upgrade, and Carla wants to make the second-hand market more accessible, offering even more drivers the choice to avoid the gas station altogether.

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