Lettus Kitchens, a cloud kitchen startup operated Pakistan that was founded just four months ago to create a portfolio of virtual brands and a restaurant growth platform, has raised $250,000 in angel capital from local and international investors.

The company intends to utilize the angel funding to streamline operations across four kitchens in three cities and develop a digital solution to help them manage their supply chain more effectively. They plan to raise seed money by January 2022 to expand in Pakistan and a few GCC markets.

Lettus cloud kitchens are multi-cuisine rooms that allow for the preparation of 70% or more of the most often ordered online meal alternatives in a single mid-sized kitchen. Everything from an ordering platform to POS systems to kitchen station display and inventory management has been integrated into the kitchens to ensure that the operation is technologically driven. Founder Bilal Sheikh

Lettus Kitchens uses a hybrid methodology to build a portfolio of delivery-only businesses that can scale quickly through its own or partner restaurant kitchens. Simultaneously, it assists businesses in essentially franchising through its kitchen network, allowing them to quickly expand into other markets.

The first stage in creating a long-term development platform for restaurants is to establish a network of operational kitchens that are rapidly approaching breakeven. To do so, we’re developing a portfolio of delivery-only restaurant brands, as well as working with brands that offer ready-to-eat products to round out the portfolio. Masoom’s bakery is an example of this. – Khizer, a founding member, said

The team is now geared to launch a kitchen in Lahore and is exploring partnerships with restaurant brands to cross-launch a portfolio of delivery-only brands.

By 2025, the market for cloud kitchens in Pakistan and the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) is estimated to be worth $3.4 billion. As meal delivery becomes more popular as a result of the pandemic, multiple Pakistani entrepreneurs are vying to be the first to become the main cloud kitchen as a service provider.

Lettus Kitchens sees a future in Pakistan where restaurants may start, expand, and sustain long-term partnerships while consumers can enjoy their favorite foods at affordable costs no matter where they live or work.

Image Credit: Lettus Kitchen

News Source: ProPakistani


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