Belgium-based ClimateCamp, a SaaS startup that assists businesses in engaging with their suppliers over their carbon emissions, disclosed that it had raised €700K in a pre-Seed round of funding.

The investment round was made by Delaware, LeanSquare, Airborn, and DDM.

Six months ago, ClimateCamp unveiled the first look at its platform through a campaign for breweries. More than 15% of Belgian breweries use the startup to reduce emissions throughout their supply chains.

The broader European food and beverage industry, which accounts for 37% of global carbon emissions, is where ClimateCamp is ready to grow. The business will use the funds raised to assist the whole food and beverage sector to adopt the sustainability platform.

Companies that manufacture food and beverages must limit Scope 3 emissions of greenhouse gases across their supply chain. This has been incredibly difficult up until now. ClimateCamp aims to address today’s increasingly stringent regulations on scope 3 reporting (CSRD, EU Taxonomy, SFDR, IFRS, etc.) by encouraging cooperation among all stakeholders in the food and beverage industry. This will allow companies to set trustworthy science-based targets and track the success of their reduction efforts.

ClimateCamp offers access to actual data and insights regarding suppliers’ attempts to lessen their carbon footprint, as opposed to depending on benchmarks, industry averages, or one-time initiatives like manual supplier surveys and consultancy engagements.

Every link in the value chain is covered by the platform, which also collects real, first-hand information straight from the source, improves the accuracy of emissions calculations, provides information on the objectives set by suppliers, and offers repeatable, scalable ways for companies to achieve results almost instantly and automate regulatory reporting. According to the business, the food and beverage industry is particularly relevant to this solution.

With the help of ClimateCamp, users may collaborate with their suppliers on a networked platform that provides accurate insights into the carbon emissions throughout the supply chain. Stijn Gysemans, Laurent Moyersoen, and Ruben Pelckmans founded it in the latter half of 2021. According to the company, it is an original approach created to lower scope 3 emissions by the SBTI and the CSRD.

Ten Climate Action Representatives from the company are currently working in Belgium and Luxembourg. ClimateCamp is a Start it At KBC accelerator program graduate and a participant in the Microsoft For Startups program as well.


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