Le Collectionist, a French luxury vacation rental company, has raised €60 million in funding from a group of backers, including growth capital investor Highland Europe.

With the financing, the company’s growth will be sped up through targeted acquisitions in markets where there is a significant demand for Le Collectionist’s curation and quality. Additionally, the most recent finance will assist Le Collectionist in acquiring more regional leaders to unify the fragmented market.

Following this round of funding, Le Collectionist plans to expand its central office in Paris, its local offices in the South-East and South-West of France, Barcelona, Ibiza, and Switzerland, as well as to launch new local offices in London and NYC, by creating more than 120 new posts in 2023.

Holidays are about making memories and spending once-in-a-lifetime moments with the ones we love, according to Max Aniort, co-founder of Le Collectionist. At Le Collectionist, this is at the core of all we do. We strive to provide the best experiences and the care our guests deserve so they may enjoy and cherish their time with loved ones. Since we both adhere to the same idea of excellence and leadership in whatever we do, it is wonderful to have Irena and Highland Europe along for the ride.

The startup has established itself as a standard for opulent, unforgettable vacations, according to Irena Goldenberg, Partner at Highland Europe. “The fact that the business is currently the top luxury experience provider in the world, a trusted brand, and has the highest customer satisfaction metrics in the whole industry is a credit to the team and their distinctive and personalized approach to designing vacations.”

Irena added, “We’re excited to be joining the team since they are just as picky about the business owners they work with and the experiences they provide as their clients.”

Le Collectionist is a high-end travel company that provides travelers with distinctive vacation rentals and hotel-like services all around the world.

Eliott Cohen-Skalli, Max Aniort, and Olivier Cahane founded the business in 2014 out of a desire to provide tourists with a guaranteed luxury vacation that was as simple and secure to reserve as a hotel stay.

Additionally, this platform grants access to a select collection of the most exceptional residences in sought-after locations, including the French Riviera, the Balearic Islands, Portugal, Italy, the Alps, St. Barts, Cape Town, and more. These residences also come with hotel-style concierge services. Currently, 1,800 property owners in 30 different locations work with Le Collectionist.

Tourists are looking for luxury vacation accommodations that offer distinctive experiences in the post-pandemic age. The largest driver of development in the international luxury travel sector is expected to be this trend of incredible experiences in gorgeous accommodations. It is reportedly valued at more than $50 billion.

Le Collectionist supports local communities, skills, traditions, and craftsmanship through relationships with reputable tour operators, experience providers, restaurateurs, chefs, and other local artisans.

This website offers a completely individualized service, in contrast to rivals like Airbnb, where a team member will schedule a quick phone conversation to ascertain the specific needs of the customer. With a wide range of services, the business also personalizes the client’s vacation. Le Collectionist makes sure that your perfect vacation is more than just a fantasy by setting up everything from a transfer to the airport to cocktail-making sessions.

Image Credit: Le Collectionist


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