The design-driven, next-generation analytics platform Steep has secured pre-seed funding of €1 million.

The Nordic Web Ventures, Antler, Spotify alumni network Greens, and several renowned angel investors, including Åsa Lidén (COO at Pitch), Peder Stahle (CPO at Kry), Carl Pei (Co-Founder Nothing), and angel collective Framtid, co-led the investment round. Alliance (which invested in Ripe) and Inventure also participated.

With its additional capital, Steep will be able to go forward with its ambitions to hire key personnel, continue product development, and launch its product more quickly in the US and Europe.

According to Johan Baltzar, co-founder and CEO of Steep, “A macro trend exists for workplace SaaS to shift from singleplayer and specialist to multiplayer and to include all positions in the process. This has been amply demonstrated by Figma in the design industry, where product and technical responsibilities are now dynamically iterating alongside designers from start to finish.”

Johan added, “We think the timing is right to make a similar journey for the analytics area. Because of this, Steep is extremely proud to have Alliance, Inventure, and a few other powerful angel investors join its ambitious objective and assist in creating the next-generation analytics product for the contemporary workplace.”

“Johan and Nino are the ideal teams to develop a next-generation business intelligence product because they combine analytics expertise, strong design talents, and startup experience from Kry, Spotify, and iZettle. Alliance partner Henrik Torstensson expressed his company’s joy at having their support as they develop Steep.

“At Inventure, we adore veteran founding teams who have held commanding operational positions. We discovered precisely that in Steep. Steep can reinvent the way we deal with data today by remaining product-obsessed and providing the best user experience to their consumers, according to Ekaterina Gianelli, Partner at Inventure.

In Stockholm, Steep was established in 2021 by Johan Baltzar and Nino Höglund. The next-generation analytics platform enables more individuals to perform analytics collaboratively and aids businesses in removing obstacles from their analytics workflow. It provides robust and user-friendly analytics tools that are ideal for the contemporary office.

Users can easily modify their dashboards with pre-made widgets and freely explore and analyze whatever KPIs they choose using an intuitive UI that is available both on the web and as an app with Steep’s product.

Teams will be able to comment on and discuss particular patterns in real time by staying on top of pertinent indicators thanks to this. Removing the barriers to creating data-driven businesses, provides a structured and opinionated approach to analytics where a small number of data professionals may effectively serve a large enterprise.

The platform is designed to function well with the collaborative office tools that modern teams adore using as well as the Modern Data Stack. It shouldn’t take more than fifteen minutes to set up Steep’s platform.

Image Credit: Steep


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