OrbitEd, an Islamabad-based Ed-tech startup using AR, announced raising $500,000 from Silicon Valley-based Boost VC in pre-seed funding round, taking its total funding to $800,000.

With the investment, Orbit-Ed will improve Pakistan’s corporate training market through virtual reality. The business wants to boost communication and interpersonal skills through its immersive learning software.

By implementing OrbitEd’s gamified learning platform, businesses can improve the soft and technical skills of their employees and help them reach their full potential. “Our company strives to promote an environment where Respect, Empathy, Integrity, and Passion are valued,” said Navera Waheed, CEO of Orbit-Ed. We aim to create a community of morally driven employees. More than 3,000 of our colleagues’ lives have been impacted by us. A worker with experience in challenging situations in a safe and controlled virtual environment is 275% more self-assured and has better communication, EQ, and empathy skills.

According to a news release, OrbitEd is the second wholly female-led startup in Pakistan to earn venture capital and the first company from Pakistan working in the local market to receive funding from BoostVC.

According to the news announcement, Wajeeha Habib and Navera Waheed founded the firm in 2018 with the goal of “revolutionizing traditional classroom learning.” The business used augmented reality to reproduce the curriculum in a more engaging smartphone app that included 3D textbook depiction, according to the statement.

“We quickly created an immersive training that encompassed our best business practices for sales using the combined knowledge of the founders’ 14 years in e-learning, 14 years in startup sales, and 10 years in AR/VR (virtual reality). Our startup’s revenue increased by 189%. We found a new prospective market in this way, Waheed was quoted as saying in the news release.

According to Wajeeha, OrbitEd will “promote economic mobility throughout the region” by assisting “thousands of people” in making personal and professional advancements.

Image Credit: OtbitEd


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