Pattern Technologies raises a six-figure (USD) investment led by Deosai Ventures. The round also saw participation from Sabr Capital, Arbisoft, and strategic investors across Singapore, MENA, Europe, & UK.

Founded earlier this year by Yahya Humayun & Syed Wajeeh Haider along with Mahpara Pittafi, Samad Raza, and Talha Ayaz – who were previously at Airlift and Dastgyr, Pattern is on a mission to disrupt the restaurant industry in Pakistan.

Pattern’s platform digitizes restaurants and enables them to acquire, retain, and boost loyalty programs for customers without paying high commission fees and fixed subscription charges. Using Pattern’s technology, restaurants can serve dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders using their fleet or third-party services available on the platform.

Not only does Pattern provide restaurant owners with insights about their clientele, but it also serves customers with personalized loyalty and discount programs that match their preferences and usage patterns.

Shortly after launching its pilot phase, Pattern acquired more than 50 restaurants in Lahore serving thousands of customers, and plans to expand to other cities in the coming months.

“Restaurants have suffered the most during the pandemic causing most renowned international and local chains to shut down their operations. Restaurant owners struggle to grow their on-premise and in-house revenue amidst increasing food and operational costs. Through our platform, we’ve managed to help our partner restaurants grow their net incremental revenue by 66% on a month-on-month basis.” – Yahya Humayun who has previously worked at Airflit, Byte, and Dastgyr.

Platforms similar to Pattern have started to receive attention from investors globally including Easy Eat, Qlub, Sunday, etc. Pakistan is going through a challenging phase amidst the global slowdown but business models that are not operationally intensive with a clear path to profitability will come out as eventual winners.

“Delivery aggregators charge commissions as high as 40% from restaurants on every unsustainable order. Our platform enables restaurants to own their customers’ data, run loyalty campaigns, and manage dine-in, takeaway, and delivery orders on their terms without any subscription or high commission fee,” explained Syed Wajeeh Haider – Co-Founder at Pattern, who was also one of the earliest team members at Dastgyr.

The restaurant industry in Pakistan is a multi-billion dollar industry growing in double digits annually. ‘Opening up a restaurant is not an ordinary business, a lot of passion and hard work is put in by microentrepreneurs, be it small food joints or home chefs. We want to become the growth partner for them.” adds Wajeeh.

“In an age of generic discounts and subsidized delivery plays, Pattern is building a model that gives back control to the restaurants and immediately impacts their bottom line, while also saving money for the end user through custom loyalty programs,” said Shehryar Hydri, Managing Partner at Deosai Ventures.

The founders shared that the investment will be used to scale their technology, hire the right people, and expand business operations across Pakistan.


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