Marseille-based Volta Medical has just brought in €36 million in a new investment round. The French start-up creates AI-based software to aid doctors in the management of complicated cardiac arrhythmias.

In a Series B funding round, led by Vensana Capital with participation from Lightstone Ventures and current investor Gilde Healthcare, €36 million was raised. It raises the company’s total capital raised to over €70 million.

The money will support more clinical trials, speed up the development of new products, help with full-scale US commercialization preparations, and pursue additional regulatory clearances.

This year, it’s expected that innovation in healthcare and medicine will be a major growth sector. It is a market sector that actively influences people’s lives and has the power to enhance the quality of life for individuals from all walks of life around the globe.

Volta Medical, a MedTech business with headquarters in Marseille, is on a quest to enhance treatment choices for difficult cardiac arrhythmias, like atrial fibrillation. The firm has recently secured additional investment and is now planning to grow.

“Volta Medical’s technology is aimed to redefine how electrophysiologists make real-time judgments in pinpointing areas crucial to atrial fibrillation persistence,” says Justin Klein, co-founder and managing partner of Vensana Capital.”

Justin continued, “We salute the team’s dedication to putting money into numerous top-notch clinical trials to validate their products. We are certain that Volta’s ground-breaking AI technology will drastically improve these difficult procedures’ effectiveness and efficiency.

The Volta Medical team was established in 2016 to assist electrophysiologists in the treatment of complicated cardiac arrhythmias such as atrial fibrillation (AF).

One of the first commercially available AI decision-support software tools, VOLTA VX1, the company’s flagship product, may assist clinicians by identifying and annotating specific anomalies in real-time on 3D anatomical and electrical maps of the heart. With the use of this technology, catheter-ablation methods for complex arrhythmias, such as chronic AF, may one day be improved.

Theophile Mohr Durdez, co-founder and CEO of Volta Medical, stated: “Improving accuracy and consistency in cardiac ablation procedures for patients with chronic AF is crucial. Clinicians require technologies that help them better understand the disease and significantly enhance patient outcomes because 50% of these patients need repeat treatments.”

Additionally, Theophile Mohr Durdez stated, “We think VOLTA’s VX1 can accomplish that in a reliable, repeatable manner. As we work together to further test our solutions and open up access to them globally, we are incredibly appreciative of the teams at Vensana, Lightstone, and Gilde.

The startup was established in 2016 to enhance cardiac arrhythmia therapy and increase patient outcomes through the development of cutting-edge tech solutions.

John Slump, CFO: “I’m thrilled to join the Volta Medical team and delighted with our ability to secure sizeable equity investments from both new and existing investors in an environment when raising capital is becoming more difficult. Millions of patients with AF could benefit greatly from VOLTA VX1, and this Series B Financing will aid in accelerating its development and implementation on a national and international level.”

Image Credit: Volta Medical


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