A German-based SaaS platform for data-driven product management in the manufacturing sector, Prodlane, snaps €760K in a pre-seed funding round.

A Swiss family office with an industrial history led the investment round, which also included S2S Ventures AG and several business angels from the sector, product management, and human resources.

In industrial businesses, developing products is a long-term, extremely complex process that involves numerous players and lots of data. The money will let Prodlane access the market and grow its sales and development teams.

We firmly believe in the outstanding Prodlane team, said Arnout Devos, Investment Partner of S2S Ventures AG, and Cynthia Jurytko, Chairman of the Board of Directors. With their extensive software knowledge, extensive product management experience, and exceptional business acumen, they are challenging the enormous market for industrial product innovation.

“Our SaaS platform will assist industrial firms to greatly optimize product management processes,” continued Carolin Maier, CEO, and co-founder of Prodlane. Our target audience is disturbed by out-of-date software, and we’re excited to change the market! The investment round is a crucial milestone in our plan to launch the product. I am pleased with our talented group and am eager for the road ahead.

Product managers perform a crucial function, but they lack the kind of software that product managers in the IT industry have access to. The industrial company’s collaborative workspace for product and project management is provided by Prodlane’s SaaS platform. The program makes it possible to make data-driven decisions and produces integrated, complete, and traceable project documentation.

It makes it possible for large and medium-sized businesses to execute lean processes and manage knowledge intelligently. The business offers a shared workspace, offers assistance with the development procedure, and links the content to the underlying data.

In industrial businesses, Prodlane seeks to revolutionize product management. It creates software that streamlines administrative tasks, improves decision-making, and speeds up development by combining various data sources.

Image Credit: Prodlane


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