Gretel, based in Barcelona, has raised more than €634,000 for its digital marketing software and providing marketers with data- and AI-driven insights. The startup is currently preparing for a worldwide debut.

Automation and data are essential components of a company’s toolset in the digital age. Utilizing tech-driven solutions allows for the creation of more useful insights, effective workflows, and well-informed judgments.

Gretel, a Barcelona-based startup, aims to provide marketers with greater decision-making power through the use of an AI-powered and data-driven assistant. The startup received approximately €634k ($700k) to support its expansion goals.

“Our mission is to revolutionize the way people work by making employees smarter, more insight-driven, and better at their jobs,” says Gretel co-founder Alex Hughes. We aspire to create the next generation of software that can adjust to a user’s needs, personality, environment, and activity.

Inveready, Extension Fund, and Enzo Ventures took the lead in the funding. Business angels like Kintxo Cortés, Ddac Lee, and Lanai Partners also took part.

Partner at Inveready Aniol Brosa says, “We are thrilled to support Gretel in their investment round and successfully contribute to the international launch of their software’s initial edition. With the help of this achievement, they will be able to broaden their consumer base internationally and provide digital marketing teams with a crucial instrument to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of their campaigns. We are eager to continue to support this cutting-edge product’s growth and success in the future and look forward to watching how it affects the market.

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Digital Marketing Software, Gretel was created in 2022 by Mart Gou and Alex Hughes. Its business model was tested with the help of more than 100 marketing professionals. The platform, which was developed with each department’s specific requirements in mind, intends to make it simpler for marketing departments to manage internal data.

Mart Gou, the co-founder of Gretel, says that many campaign-related activities go unnoticed by marketers. They lack the tools, skills, and time needed to analyze their marketing data for abnormalities and patterns. We’ve decided to create a personal assistant that identifies these for them and brings these insights to the places where they spend the majority of their time.

The platform, which is AI-powered, links marketing platforms like Google Analytics, Google Ads, and Meta Ads to deliver real-time actionable data that users can use for their everyday work.

It actively communicates crucial information and updates to each user at the proper time, enabling them to make decisions that are both timely and well-informed. It focuses primarily on problems that marketing departments deal with daily, like finances, information loss, and making critical decisions based on inaccurate information.

According to Edgar Vicente of Enzo Ventures, “We see a new generation entering the working world with a more dynamic methodology and a much more advanced understanding of technology, which is why we are betting on Gretel’s vision.”

With this additional capital, the startup company hopes to expand abroad and give marketing teams the tools they need to operate more effectively.

Partners at Extension Fund Ignacio Moro and Jordi Safont: “We are pleased to help Mart and Alex in their goal to create new tools for marketing teams to use to generate fresh insights and identify anomalies. We think using artificial intelligence can assist in creating and unlocking crucial information that will help these teams perform at their best.

Image Credit: Gretel


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