Circus, a German-based startup, has closed a new fundraising round of €11 million. The team’s goal is to overcome obstacles in the food delivery industry and make it more economical, convenient, and sustainable.

Investors BlackMars Capital and 2bx supported the €11 million raised in a seed round. The startup will use the fresh funding to expand throughout Germany by the end of 2023.

The Circus was established in 2021 by Carsten Wille, Nikolas Bullwinkel, Helge Plehn, and Fabio Haebel to revolutionize the meal delivery industry. The creators include well-known figures who are experts in sustainable food and quick delivery concepts and are behind German firms like etepetete, Flink, and Medicamendo. The crew is completed by a restaurateur.

Carsten Wille: “We want to be able to grow our kitchen hubs so that everyone may get healthy food. In cities throughout Europe, there is no convenient, inexpensive, and fresh food delivery service. We can quickly establish a solid network and make the most of the investment thanks to our infrastructure and a high degree of flexibility.

The firm aims to address fundamental issues in the food delivery market, such as the high cost, rigidity, unhygienic, and unsustainable nature of current systems.

Circus, on the other hand, wants to approach things differently. Its system is dependent on its network of drivers and purported “micro-kitchen hubs.” As a result, the delivery service offered by Circus can respond as quickly as possible to consumer behavior. Customers in Hamburg may currently choose from more than 100 different dishes, with prices starting at €3.

The goal is to develop a new breed of meal delivery services where everything takes place in one location, much like a circus. Customers only need to choose what they want on the app, have it prepared in the hub, and then have it delivered to the desired location.

Image Credit: Circus


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