Flow Engineering, a London-based startup, has secured $8.5 million in seed funding. It is the first platform for hardware engineering teams to collaborate while creating complicated systems.

Europe’s leading digital investors, including Backed VC, David Hegelson, Charlie Songhust, Kyle Parrish, and Matt Clifford, participated in the investment round, which was led by EQT Ventures.

The fresh funds will be used by Flow Engineering to carry out its aim of assisting hardware engineering teams in resolving some of the most pressing issues facing humanity. Additionally, it will increase the development of its platform for technical collaboration and expand its team.

“Today, we are going for humanity-defining problems, and hardware engineering teams are the ones working on challenging projects like the creation of various clean technologies,” said Pari Singh, CEO, and Founder of Flow. This team of engineers is what I refer to as a “new-age hardware engineering team.”

“Software has gotten massive investment since the early 2000s, but since about 2010, substantial money has been moving into hardware – businesses like electric vehicles, airplanes, and medical equipment,” said EQT Ventures Partner and co-Head Alastair Mitchell.

Alastair Mitchell further said, “I anticipate this to continue, with an emphasis on clean technologies in particular. Modern hardware engineering companies will need to scale faster and enter the market as soon as feasible to take advantage of the market opportunity. Engineering collaboration platforms like Flow are essential for those who wish to grow.”

Engineering in the “New Age” depends on rapid iteration. Iterate as quickly as possible to learn, test, validate, and verify solutions. One of the most crucial criteria for engineering teams is time to market; the team that iterates the quickest wins.

The first platform for collaboration for “new age” hardware engineering teams creating complicated systems is called Flow Engineering. Engineers from the F1 and aerospace industries, who have personally experienced the anguish, built it. 35% of the employees at Flow Engineering are women.

Founded by Pari Singh, With its cloud-based platform, Flow Engineering—the GitHub for hardware engineers—helps businesses launch products 30 to 50% faster by eliminating the need for engineers to sync up on any model or system modifications.

Leading international companies are already using Flow’s technology to handle important design criteria and parameters in the automotive and aerospace industries.

Image Credit: Flow Engineering


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