C-mo Medical Solutions, a health-tech business, recently received new funding to launch its cough monitoring system and rethink methods for everything from disease management to therapy and diagnosis.

Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund led the €4.8 million seed investment round, which also included Portugal Ventures, Novalis, and High-Tech Gründerfonds.

After receiving awards from the Portuguese Innovation Agency and the European Institute of Innovation & Technology for Health, this is the company’s first raise.

Every single one of us has experienced having a cough at some point or another. We all were intensely aware of the risks that a cough could indicate at the height of the pandemic, and we are today more vigilant and conscious of coughing. What we may perceive as only a bothersome setback for the day may reveal information about our overall respiratory health.

Co-founder and CEO of the business Diogo Tecelo said: “Chronic cough is a very common symptom, accounting for up to 40% of the workload of pulmonologists. Cough also has enormous clinical relevance because it conceals incredibly important information about the patient’s health.”

Diogo Tecelo continued, “Our goal has been to find a solution since the European Respiratory Society said in 2019 that there is an urgent need for appropriate cough monitoring devices.

The Almada-based C-mo Medical Solutions has created a method for the detection and treatment of medical disorders that are brought on by coughing to harness that power.

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“We are excited about the novel C-mo technology in analyzing cough and think that it will provide great value by allowing for a more specific diagnosis, as well as by empowering patients to better understand and manage their disease,” says Dr. Alexander Ehlgen, Investment Manager at Boehringer Ingelheim Venture Fund.

C-mo Medical Solutions was founded by Diogo Tecelo, Miguel Andrade, Filipe Valadas, Alexandra Lopes, Sara Lobo, and Nuno Neuparth to maximize the potential of cough evaluation through technology.

C-technology, mo’s which was introduced in 2019, analyzes the features of a patient’s cough and converts them into useful insights. These insights can help in disease management, therapy planning, accelerating diagnoses, and supporting pharmaceutical research.

Diogo Tecelo: “C-mo is the first and only solution that can continuously, over extended periods, and while maintaining the patient’s privacy, monitor the patient’s cough. Additionally, it is the first instrument to offer a comprehensive and all-encompassing evaluation of the patient’s cough characteristics, making it applicable in several important use cases.

The Portuguese inventors want to market their cough-monitoring technology now that they have additional money.

“We are thrilled to onboard important and significant investors who share our goal,” said Diogo Tecelo. We think that C-mo will lead to a paradigm shift in the way that coughs are treated, respiratory illnesses are tracked, and new medications are introduced to the market.

High-Tech Gründerfonds Investment Manager Niels Sharman: “C-mo is addressing an unmet therapeutic need. Its solution has the potential to dramatically enhance the identification, management, and treatment of diseases associated with coughs. The company will be able to expand its platform further and acquire important clinical evidence thanks to this seed funding. We are eager to assist the crew as they travel.

“We’re happy to be investing in C-mo Medical Solutions,” says Teresa Fiza, executive vice president of Portugal Ventures. With the help of this round, the company will be able to expand internationally to the US and EU markets while also solving medical needs linked to the individualized management of chronic cough and doctor-patient interactions.

Image Credit: C-mo Medical Solutions


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