According to the researchers, this tool has an accuracy of 95%

ChatGPT and other AI apps are becoming more popular as people become more reliant on them. Some people believe that artificial intelligence greatly benefits them by simplifying their tasks. However, many people believe that using them is unethical.

Educators claim that using chatbots raises numerous concerns. That is why some teachers discourage their students from using them.

With this in mind, a group of researchers created DetectGPT, a special tool that will assist teachers in determining whether or not their students use an AI-based tool for homework.

A teacher’s best friend may be DetectGPT.

With the advent of AI tools such as ChatGPT, some researchers developed software that can detect whether a school paper contains an element of AI.

According to a Business Insider report, DetectGPT can be a useful tool in determining whether a paper employs ChatGPT or other tools with large language models (LLMs).

Stanford researchers can develop software that can determine whether or not the content is AI-based.

Words, phrases, or texts that use LLMs, according to them, can “occupy negative curvature regions of the model’s log probability function.”

This means that the tool can provide “log probabilities” if an article contains an LLM element. The best part about DetectGPT is that it can detect AI content with 95% accuracy.

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Institutions and educators can benefit greatly from this tool. The widespread use of AI tools should not be viewed negatively at all times, given that humans continue to outperform artificial intelligence.

What makes AI apps like ChatGPT look bad is how people abuse them to the point where they completely rely on their capabilities.

Some schools around the world have already been informed that AI tools are everywhere. Students who use these tools will face disciplinary action, according to school officials.

We don’t know how DetectGPT works in detail right now, but we might hear something from the researchers soon.



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