Look no farther if you’re searching for a new smartwatch. On Amazon, the price of the Galaxy Watch 5 has significantly decreased.

The incredible Android wearable is currently available for £219. That’s a £50 savings off the usual RRP of £269, making January a great time to shop. Not only that, but the Galaxy Watch 5 was only released six months ago, so you’ll have the most recent model on your wrist without having to pay full price for the technology.

The Galaxy Watch 5 includes a variety of smart, health, and fitness features, making it an ideal companion for your Android smartphone.

Spend less on the Samsung Galaxy Watch 5 by about 20%.

Samsung has reduced the price of its Galaxy Watch 5 by 19%, bringing it down from £269 to £219 just half a year after its release. Today only, Amazon is offering a £50 discount on the Samsung smartwatch.

at Amazon now in just £219

A sleep tracker to plan your bedtime, detect snoring, and track your sleep stages, a 3-in-1 health tracking sensor that covers everything from heart rate and blood pressure to body fat percentage and skeletal muscle weight, a step-tracker, and fitness tracking support for over 90 exercises are among the features.

This tough smartwatch is also water resistant and has a larger, faster-charging battery than its predecessor, the Galaxy Watch 4, though we mostly recommend it if you’re upgrading from an older wearable.

The Galaxy Watch 5 received four out of five stars from us. According to editor: “When compared to its competitors, the Galaxy Watch 5 is an incredible wearable. However, as a follow-up to the Galaxy Watch 4, it is a huge disappointment. The upgrades are few and far between, and there isn’t enough here to justify trading in last year’s model. However, if you have an old Wear OS 2 watch that you want to replace, there isn’t a better Android wearable than the Galaxy Watch 5”.

The Galaxy Watch 5 was only released six months ago, so this is a fantastic deal on the Samsung wearable. Visit Amazon today to save £50 on this fantastic Android smartwatch, which is now only £219 (down from £269).

Source: Amazon & Samsung


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