InPlanet, a German-Brazilian startup, has just secured €1.2 million in new funding to scale its solution in the tropics and work toward a future with no carbon emissions.

Carbon Removal Partners, Übermorgen Ventures, Trellis Road, Katapult VC, and the Carbon Drawdown Initiative were the leading investors in the oversubscribed pre-seed round that raised €1.2 million.

Scientific collaborations with the Universities of So Paulo (ESALQ), Brasilia (UNB), and Newcastle are the foundation of InPlanet.

Enhanced Rock Weathering has been recognized by the GreenTech business as a scalable solution to climate catastrophe.

A crucial strategy for preserving life on earth is to remove carbon from unavoidable emissions. We will reach net zero through a combination of removal, offsetting, and reduction even while governments, businesses, and organizations around the world work to get there.

As a result, a lot of creative strategies and solutions are emerging that will help us get there and build a happier world for future generations.

A remedy offered by the German and Brazilian startup InPlanet is called Enhanced Rock Weathering.

It’s a method that claims to be scalable, inexpensive, and safe for removing carbon from the atmosphere. To expand, it just received fresh money from impact and climate investors.

Niklas Kluger and Felix Harteneck founded InPlanet in 2022 after learning about the potential of Enhanced Rock Weathering (ERW) for carbon removal in the tropics on a trip to Brazil.

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The majority of the carbon dioxide in our atmosphere has been eliminated during Earth’s history via silicate rock weathering. They produce dissolved bicarbonates when they interact with water and carbon dioxide. These eventually dissipate into the oceans through rivers and groundwater, where they create carbon-rich sediments.

This organic process is intended to be sped up by InPlanet. The approach dispersed adequate rock powder on tropical farmland, where the climate and soil offer the best conditions for weathering.

Enhanced Rock Weathering can renew tropical soils and nourish crops in addition to its capacity to take carbon from the atmosphere. This enables farmers to use fewer herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, and limestone inputs. As a result, the inventors are promoting more sustainable farming practices and assisting in the reduction of emissions.

The youthful team intends to grow with the help of this additional cash. The objective is to disperse 50 thousand tons of rock powder, which can absorb 10,000 tons of carbon dioxide, by 2023.

“We are grateful for the support of our pre-seed investors and pleased to use the funds to strengthen our current staff,” said Felix Harteneck, CEO and co-founder of InPlanet. To remove 10.000 tons of CO2 in 2023, we want to disperse 50.000 tons of rock powder.”

Felix continued, “This will enable us to provide distinctive and scientifically significant data that will help us better comprehend the tropical weathering process.

Image Credit: InPlanet


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