Female Intimate Care is still taboo, but Luna Daily, a FemTech Intimate Care Brand wants to change that. The UK-based team has raised €3.3M to enter foreign marketplaces.

Katy Cottam founded Luna Daily in 2022 to empower women to better take care of their bodies. According to statistics, 43% of women believe that their cleaning habits are to blame for their gynecological problems. Luna Daily provides a supplement designed in collaboration with doctors and gynecologists to fortify, hydrate, and safeguard the skin’s microbiome.

Just one year after launching, the startup has now secured €3.3 million to accelerate its worldwide expansion. Redrice, Joyance Partners, Velocity Juice, and angel investors took the lead in financing.

According to Katy Cottam, the creator, and CEO of Luna Daily, “For so many women, taking care of their intimate skin is an afterthought, only being prioritized when there is a ‘problem’ and they are forced to use outdated feminine hygiene products with “what’s wrong with her?” associations. My goal is to eliminate the concept of “feminine hygiene.” I started Luna Daily to offer women a choice in how they take care of their bodies, or, as we like to say, from head to toe.

The business was founded to provide women with more control over their bodies and personal hygiene. The product is microbiome-balancing body care for all skin types, including the most intimate. It is made for women and people with vulvar disease at every period of life, from puberty to menopause.

Claire Cherry, Investment Partner at Joyance said:

“We invest in the future of health and happiness and support businesses that delight and bring joy. In the market for feminine health, Luna Daily fills a need and fits in ideally with this ethos.”

Sephora will now feature the brand online and in 260+ stores across North America as it embarks on global expansion. With substantial retail distribution already in place in the UK, Luna Daily debuted on in January of this year.

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According to Katy Cottam, Sephora is the ideal retail partner because it boldly champions this category and recognizes innovations from up-and-coming businesses like ours. “We lead the next evolution in the female wellness category with pride. Furthermore, we have entered Sephora as the first UK brand of this kind, which enables us to expand the market and educate customers. This is a remarkable achievement for a UK company.”

Cindy Deily, VP of Skincare Merchandising at Sephora said:

“We are excited to introduce Luna Daily to Sephora customers and are confident that it will be an excellent addition to our product offerings. Moving forward, we remain committed to providing our clients with the most exceptional beauty and wellness products available. As a result, our focus is on continuing to offer best-in-class products that meet our customer’s needs and exceed their expectations. Luna Daily’s inclusive philosophy and efficient, healthy formulations support the distinctive requirements of women at all stages of life and help to further Sephora’s dedication to this significant, expanding market for intimate care.”

With its inventive “Spray-To-Wipe” product, Luna Daily, a Female Intimate Care brand has also created a more environmentally friendly method of body care that is an eco-friendly substitute for single-use wipes. One bottle contains 300 wipes; according to the company, this prevented 2,000,000 wipes from ending up in landfills in just 2022.

CCO Flavia Richardson states that Velocity Juice’s mission is to help founders accelerate their development. As a result, we are delighted to support Luna Daily, an emerging consumer brand that caters to the growing needs of female health. Consequently, we believe that Luna Daily has the potential to become a market leader in its field.

The company will use this financing to expand into North America. It will also create a female intelligence platform. The platform will also have educational materials and a live chat with medical professionals. This will also advance intimate care understanding.

Robert Senior, founder of Fallon, former worldwide CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi, and partner at Redrice said:

“We back early-stage businesses that challenge the status quo with courage, insight, foresight, and resilience. In addition, we admire entrepreneurs who collaborate with customer-focused retailers. For instance, Katy partnered with Sephora and brought tough discussions into common parlance with surefooted elegance. Luna Daily’s ability to provide entertainment has amazed us, and we feel privileged to be part of the journey.”

Image Credit: Luna Daily


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