Marking a significant longevity breakthrough, GlycanAge, a BioTech startup, leads in the field of glycan biomarkers just announced the successful conclusion of its €4.2 million seed investment round.

The funding round was headed by UK-based DeepTech fund Kadmos Capital and LAUNCHub Ventures. In terms of the company’s mission to reinvent individualized preventative healthcare, this is a significant advancement.

Glycobiology Advancements

Despite its potential, the study of glycobiology has historically faced obstacles due to the lack of required tools and the intrinsic scientific complexity of the field. However, because of technological advancements that highlight the enormous potential of glycobiology in illness prediction, intervention guidance, and therapy customization, the landscape is fast shifting.

Gordan Lauc, the Chief Scientific Officer and co-founder of GlycanAge is at the center of these developments. Dr. Lauc has contributed significantly to the advancement of high throughput glycomic analysis and the use of glycan biomarkers in precision medicine, working in tandem with his team. Dr. Lauc made a big move in 2017 when he started the Human Glycome Project.

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GlycanAge Innovation

The goal of this research is to develop glycomics as a key tool for patient stratification, illness identification, and therapy response monitoring. Recent research affirms glycans’ crucial role in the body’s biological processes, revealing alterations in over 70 diseases, sometimes a decade before symptoms or diagnosis. Numerous factors, including gender, metabolism, genetics, epigenetics, and environmental conditions, all have an impact on these alterations.

Newcastle-based GlycanAge, founded in 2020 with the aim of commercializing approximately 20 years of research in glycobiology and $40 million in grant funding, provides an advanced biological age test utilizing glycan biomarkers. This empowers both consumers and healthcare professionals with early prevention strategies.

The recently raised funds will largely enable the strategic transition from the longevity industry to the broader diagnostics market. With the help of this funding, GlycanAge will be able to create a well-defined regulatory plan and product pipeline to develop predictive biomarkers unique to individual diseases.

Significant funding support has also been provided for this project, including $220k from an EU AI grant and a $140k grant from Mubadala’s accelerator program HUB71. Moreover, the EU financing highlights GlycanAge’s commitment to integrating state-of-the-art technology into its methodology, aiming to bridge the innovation gap between artificial intelligence and diagnostics.


Nikolina Lauc, CEO of GlycanAge, stated:

“We are thrilled to have the support of LAUNCHub Ventures and Kadmos Capital, who share our vision for a healthier future. GlycanAge has reached a major milestone with this fundraising round, and we are eager to keep moving forward in our mission to revolutionize healthcare and give people the power to take charge of their well-being.”

Lyuben Belov, Managing Partner of LAUNCHub Ventures, said:

“As scientific research in age-related diseases progresses, the fields of diagnostic and preventive medicine appear very promising in combating such diseases and improving health outcomes. Important developments like the broad use of D2C testing and biomarkers, together with the use of AI and sophisticated analytics, offer a chance to have a big impact on the general health of billions of people. We are demonstrating our dedication to longevity and good health in Europe by investing in GlycanAge. Glycobiology’s cutting-edge research is revolutionizing individualized care and pointing the way toward a proactive and customized future for health. We are thrilled to support Dr. Gordan and Nikolina Lauc in their mission to enable everyone to live long lives.”

John Gebeily, Partner at Kadmos Capital stated:

“With the pace of change now faster than ever, it’s vital to back high-impact technologies that will deliver solutions to tomorrow’s biggest problems. The intersection of longevity, diagnostics, and preventative healthcare is where GlycanAge sees itself. We are happy to support Dr. Gordon Lauc and Nikolina Lauc and to congratulate them on their achievements. They will undoubtedly have an impact on healthcare going forward.”


Image Credit: GlycanAge


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