memodio, a digital health startup based in Potsdam, Germany has raised €400K from the FMW Foundation, Mosel Ventures, and HPI Seed Fund to develop a preventative remedy.

Oliver Heine and Bettina Seim of Heine Optotechnik, Daniel Lauchardt, and Alex Pushilov (Founder & CEO of Apriwell), among others, were among the numerous business angels that took part in the round.

The money will go toward developing memodio’s mobile app and getting it approved as a medical device.

According to Dr. Doron Stein, CEO of memodio and author of “Care for Early Alzheimer’s Disease,” “There has been an increase in scientific knowledge regarding which non-drug interventions affect cognitive decline. The majority of patients do not have access to this information, though.

The most recent research is translated into therapy for those affected with Memodio so that each person can specifically lower their risk of dementia. Users have so far provided very positive feedback. We now want to work with our investors to finish and scale up our product as soon as possible for the many people affected by this disease.

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Doron Stein, Felix Bicu, and Paul Zimmermann formed the Hasso Plattner Institute and the University of Potsdam, which later became the parent company of Memodio. The business seeks to advance dementia prevention and treatment by utilizing digital technologies like smartphone apps.

Application of memory By utilizing the most recent scientific findings, memodio seeks to protect those who are experiencing the beginnings of dementia.

The German platform states that patients can follow an individualized therapy plan every day to fight dementia in its early stages. The app encourages cognitive health and guards against dementia, according to the findings of the most recent studies on the subject.

Memodio is aiming to address a significant social issue with its focus on mental health, according to Dr. Frank Pawlitschek, managing director of HPI Seed Fund. Particularly, those with dementia and its antecedents frequently receive inadequate care.”

Dr. Frank continued, “The remedy combines the benefits of a software-based remedy with discoveries supported by science. With the help of our extensive network and financial resources, HPI SEED gives preference to teams who create scalable products based on digital technologies to have an impact on society.”

Image Credit: Memodio


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