For Edge users worldwide, Microsoft is making its DALL-E-powered AI image generator “available on desktop.” When the business included the picture-generating technology into its Bing chatbot last month, it announced its impending arrival, but this move may make it accessible to a larger audience.

The “Image Creator” is located in Edge’s sidebar. It should be rather easy to use; you simply put in what you want to see, and Bing will produce several images that correspond to the request. Then you can download the ones you want and utilize them as necessary.

Microsoft promotes the tool as a means to produce “very specific” images when working on social media postings, slideshows, and documents as published in a Microsoft blog post. Even though there have been several ways to do this in the past — you could use OpenAI’s DALL-E, Microsoft’s Bing image creator site, the built-in image generator in Bing Chat, or one of the many other image generators — having it directly in Edge’s sidebar makes it much simpler to ask an AI to create you some pictures while you’re doing other things on the web.

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Microsoft says that, at least initially, you will need to manually add a Microsoft AI image generator to your sidebar to use it. Toggle the switch next to Image Creator by opening the sidebar, clicking the “+” button, and then selecting it.

According to Katy Asher, senior director of communications, Microsoft is “experimenting with limits based on usage patterns and continuing to learn to help us optimize the experience for customers.” “Today, the majority of users do not experience a daily image creation limit.”

The business is also including new capabilities in Edge, such as the Drop tool, which enables you to transfer files and other information to yourself and build a personal notepad that syncs between devices. Additionally, Microsoft updated Edge with a feature called “Browser Essentials,” which is just a button that you can press to hear Edge brag about how well it does in efficiency and malware detection.

Image Credit: Microsoft


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