Alphabet-owned, Google CEO Sundar Pichai has said that the search engine will soon receive an integration similar to ChatGPT, Google AI, following the route that Microsoft has followed with the OpenAI chatbot. In addition, the CEO claims that the company intends to support conversational features in its leading search engine, similar to what Microsoft’s Bing did earlier this year.

Google has set out to dominate the generative AI arms race to compete with Microsoft. They are therefore looking for methods to successfully incorporate that technology into various products and offerings, just like Microsoft has done.

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After OpenAI’s ChatGPT received such a positive response, the AI arms race erupted into full bloom. Since Microsoft has previously integrated a wide range of its goods with the research company generative AI, its biggest rival in the market is now doing the same.

“In particular, Sundar Pichai, the CEO of Google, promised that ChatGPT-like integration would be included in the search engine,” Reported WSJ Similarly, Microsoft successfully incorporated chatbot technology into their Bing search engine, receiving favorable feedback from consumers.

Additionally, Google AI, Bard, will be integrated into search engines, supporting picture and conversational generation. In contrast, Google’s AI-related products have garnered fewer favorable reviews than Microsoft’s equivalent in the sector. But it appears that there is hope that Google’s extensive dominance as a search engine option would encourage more people to use its AI integration.

More than half of Alphabet Inc.’s overall revenue comes from Google’s search engine. As a result, some have expressed concern about their willingness to change something that is extraordinarily successful. The continuing incorporation of the chatbot, on the other hand, has been promised by Pichai as not posing any threat to the already enormously popular search engine.

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