Rethink Ventures, a Munich-based VC is on a mission to transform transportation into a more tech- and environmentally-friendly industry. A new €50 million fund has just been established by the company to support effective remedies.

Transportation rethinking is vital for Europe’s transition to an eco-friendly economy and for valuing the planet. Sustainability is at the forefront of shaping the continent’s transportation of people, goods, and energy within and between cities.

New €50M fund, Rethink Ventures, to make logistics and mobility more eco-friendly.

Our fund focuses on transportation, automotive, and logistics innovators transitioning to a sustainable digital future. The idea is to use expert industry experts to promote long-term growth rather than just providing capital to these innovators.

Munich VC acts as a bridge for its portfolio firms, corporate investors, and top execs to co-scale tech.

The fund will support next-gen vehicle tech, mobility, logistics, and sustainable energy infrastructure. These include software-defined, autonomous vehicles, digital logistics, and clean power.

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Jens-Philipp Klein: “As the demand for mobility and logistics continues to rise globally, the transportation sector confronts significant challenges. There is a lot of pressure to quickly change the way we move people and products because this sector accounts for more than 25% of greenhouse gas emissions and has additional negative externalities like congestion and the significant use of physical space.”

Jens-Philipp Klein further added: “We aid startups in scaling sustainable tech with resources, knowledge, and corporate connections. We want to foster solutions that will ultimately give everyone access to clean, digital, and safe mobility, working with all industry stakeholders.

Several family offices, seasoned innovators, and top-tier corporate partners such as ZF Ventures, Hellmann Worldwide Logistics, KION Group, Berylls, and HAVI support the fund. Throughout Europe, it will provide seed to series A funding.

The company has created a proprietary sustainability framework to evaluate the impact potential of every investment early in the investment process and to constantly report the impact of the combined portfolio to the funds’ investors to ensure responsible investment practices. Additionally, it is governed as an SFDR article 8 trust.

Matthias Schanze: “As a specialist fund, our top goal is to offer our portfolio businesses unmatched support while enhancing the value of our corporate partners over the long term. We enable our business partners to access the thriving startup scene, which offers abundant opportunities for development and innovation. We take pride in collaborating with numerous leading business actors, including ZF, Hellmann, and KION Group, to create a mutually beneficial environment for all parties involved.


Munich-based VC Rethink Venture has already made investments in three promising startups:

Deftpower: An automotive charging platform that enables businesses to start, manage, and scale their customer’s electric charging offerings.

Shipzero: A data-driven platform that measures and lowers CO2 emissions in international freight transit.

Rydes: SaaS solution enables businesses to promote sustainable employee movement by providing staff with access to a range of mobility options.

Tobias Bohnhoff, co-founder of Shipzero: “We are delighted to have partnered with Rethink Ventures as our seed investor. Their logistics knowledge is helpful, and they connect us to corporate partners, leading to new clients and tech partnerships.

Our fund aims to create sustainable solutions that transform the mobility and energy sectors while benefiting society.

Image Credit: Rethink Ventures


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